Beliefs on Death and Reincarnation

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In this study, various beliefs on death and reincarnation in which many believed in were looked into. The study showed three various reactions to death and reincarnation. There are three main views: The animalism, personism, and mindism. The Animalism stated by Snowdon says that we are human beings. Personism review by Olson which says that we are creatures with the capacity for self-awareness; and Mindism opine by McMahan which says that we are minds (which may or may not have the capacity for self-awareness).

Animalism suggests that we persist over time just in case we remain the same animal; mindism suggests that we persist just when we remain the same mind. Personism is usually paired with the view that our persistence is determined by our psychological features and the relations among them. If we are animals, with the persistence conditions of animals, our deaths are constituted by the cessation of the vital processes that sustain our existence as human beings. If we are minds, our deaths are constituted by the extinction of the vital processes that sustain our existence as minds.

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The study showed that many in Ngwa land, including Christians believe in death and reincarnation, despite their relationship and belief in Jesus Christ. Table 26 above reviewed that when a person dies, he/she comes to life again as a baby in physical form. Therefore, 38.5% of the respondents agreed, 34.4% of the respondents strongly disagreed, 15.4% of the respondents disagreed, while 11.7% of the respondents strongly agreed. The respondents of this study are Seventh-day Adventist which reviewed that majority of members of the three conferences Aba East, Aba North, Aba South are also believers in reincarnation.

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The Bible has pointed out the truth about the nature of man after death, human contain two elements, the dust and breathe of God (Genesis 2:7). When a person dies, he/she never lives anywhere or transfer to another body to leave, the Bible points out that the breath of God return to Him, while the body returns to the ground after death (Ecclesiastes 12:7). The great controversy between God and Satan, light and darkness, good and evil, this is being pointed in Revelation 12:7-13, the war started from heaven…. woe to the earth because the devil has come down to us.

The demons (the deceived angels, two third of them that was cast down with Satan), they have power to function in order to transform themselves into a dead person appearance, so that people will see their loved ones appear to them. This is a call for carefulness, Satan has come to steal, kill and destroy… (John 10:10). Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light (2 cor. 11 :14). He deceives through apparent truths, that is, things seeming to be true but not possibly true. No one is beyond the deception of Devil, he will deceive even the very elect (Matt. 24 :24). Belief in reincarnation is not of God, it is not Biblical, it is falsehood. The Bible is the revelation of whom God really is. Therefore, any belief that is not of God is against God.

The study of death and reincarnation is an eye opener to all Ngwa Seventh_day Adventists, the entire people of Ngwa and beyond, where all need to know and recognize the nature of man after death. The study has also showed the syncretistic appearance of the majority who professed to be SDA Christians, yet believe in reincarnation. It is high time for everyone who profess and confess Jesus as Lord and Savior should study about His word. The Bible contains all that believer needs in Christ for eternity. All believers in Christ must empty and surrender totally their heart and life to Christ without any bias and confusion about the word of God.

The Pastor, Elder, Deacon of the Seventh-day Adventist in the selected three conferences, Aba East, Aba North, Aba South need to organize a forum to discuss about the study of death and reincarnation. They need to create a weekly Bible study plan. Members should turn away from human teachings, traditions, and practices that are not in harmony with The Bible.

The church pastor need to evaluate and make survey plan to get data of the belief of his members toward death and reincarnation. Which will help the pastor to know where the members need help (both spiritually, mentally, and physically). Fasting and prayer meetings should be organised from time to time. Finally, house fellowship (small group) should be created, where members will study together and know more about the word of God (Bible). It is believed that when an in-depth Bible study, guided by the Holy spirit is given, members will bound to understand some issues better and clearer.

Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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