BasketBall Camp

A creative essay describing a personal experience at basketball camp.

It was early June when my parents sent me to basketball camp that was near Detroit. It was a two week long program that was based on fitness, exersise, and how to play better. There was 5 large buildings, There was 4 dormitories, 1 had a cafeterea, and the gym. When I first walked into the dorm where I would get the key to my room and some other stuff, there was a large line and many people with there kids.

There was many different age groups. I got my key and brang my suitcases to the room number that was on the key and went to my room. There was a small bathroom with a toilet and faucet, there was to beds a dresser and a small window. There was 5 minutes to get to your rooms, leave your suitcases and get back downstairs. There was a man who was already talking about where everything was and two other people were passing around sheets of paper with rules, location of basketball gym and cafetera, and some other information.

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After this there was a small lunch, He told us That basketball would start at 8:00am everyday for the next 13 days. I went to my room and when i got there the door was open, I saw a tall black- skinned man with his back to me. I said “Hey!” and then when he turned around i said what the hell are you doin? He said “This is my room.

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” then he said “let me see your key.” i gave it to him and he looked down at it and then said while looking down “i guess were roomates.” He told me his name was bryon. We unpacked our suitcases and I washed up. We plugged in the Stereo, listened to music and ate junk food. We quickly became good freinds. We stayed up late and we couldn’t get up when our clock buzzed 7:00am we both showered and got dressed and got down to the cafeterea we ate quickly and when we got to the gym the coach told us that we were all late. And he did not want this to happen again. He made us push extra hard that first day, we did many pushups, reactions, and other hard drills. The other coaches seperated us into age groups and then into teams. The other coaches showed us some moves and other things. Me and Bryon were put into different teams but it was fun playing against eachother and i enjoyed myself very much. The 2 weeks went by fast and before I knew it we were packing our suit cases. I said my goodbyes and I left. Bryon still calls me every so often to see how its goin and what im doin. I learned that someones race/appearance does not matter and that it is a persons personality that does.

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