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Audience-Focused Communication Matrix

Associate Level Material Appendix B Audience-Focused Communication Matrix Use the matrix to complete the information. Write 3-4 sentences for each item. * What are some audience characteristics you need to consider? * What communication channels would be appropriate and why? * What would you do to ensure your message is effective? * What are some considerations you must keep in mind given the diversity of the audience? Audience-Focused Communication|

Audience| Audience Characteristics| Channels of Communication| Strategies to Ensure Effective Messages| Audience Diversity Considerations| Managers| Some characteristic I can take into consideration when presenting the quarterly sales is knowledge.

Even though our manager is above us, always make sure to know how much he/she knows about the system and the quarterly numbers. Also, I should try to know the education level of my manager. My manager might have more experience than me, but may not have the education level I do. Finally, the language barrier my manger might have. Some channels of communication I would use with my manager would be a written message.

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With a written message we can focus on the actual data without being side tracked. Also, with a written message I can also remember specific details, instead of talking about things that do not make sense. Finally, with a written message I can even minimize some undesirable emotions. Some written messages can be in a presentation format. Having a written message presented in a PowerPoint presentation can keep any individuals focused, but also give me the advantage of showing my manager how comfortable I am with oral communication.

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There are several strategies I can use to ensure an effective message was received. First, I will make sure my presentation or any written documentation handed in to my manager is organized. Second, it is very important for me to stay on topic. My manager or any manager will not like the impression that I am all over the place. Third, if the presentation is about a specific plan, then I should state the action plan. I should not leave my manager guessing what will happen. Last but not least, always ask if he/she has any questions or concerns.

This can ensure everyone including the manager has understood what the presentation was about. | Some audience diversity I must take into consideration is education, age, familiarity of topic, language, culture. For example, If I was giving a presentation on how the presidential election works. I have to consider the age groups which will be attending to this presidential meeting because someone who is eighteen year old will not be as serious as someone who is forty-one. Also, we have to focus on how familiar are these people with the topic.

Some people might be there to know how each step really works and some might be there just to ask questions. Third, would be the language barriers. There might be people there from all sorts of cultures, some may not speak English at all and others do not speak any language other than English. | Salespeople| Some characteristic I can take into consideration when presenting the quarterly sales for the salespeople is the language barrier. I must know if everyone attending will speak the same language or if I will need to have a translator.

Also, knowing about the education level that salespeople have in this financial department is a must. I cannot explain the quarterly sales to a salesperson does not know what I would be talking about. | The channel of communication I would use with the salespeople would be oral communication. With oral communication I would be able to show emotional expressions, which can lead to persuasion. These expressions can also alert the salespeople if I am happy with their response. With oral communication I can get immediate action or response to a question being asked.

We can also get modification of plans if we were to be dissatisfied with the service or care. | There are several strategies I can use to ensure that an effective message effective massage was received. First, knowing what I want and knowing how much I would want to pay for the product (if the price is negotiable). Being prepared with proper documentation can state I am sure about what I want and it also shows an effective message. Also, develop a clear goal in every aspect. | | Customers| Some characteristic I can take into consideration when presenting the quarterly sales to a customer is knowing the age group that he/she may be in.

For example, someone in their early twenties will probably not be as serious as someone in their late thirties. Second, knowing their education level can help determine how experienced and how prepared they will be with presentation. | With customers I would use both oral and written communication. The reason why I would use both is because if I have a customer means that this customer is interested in whatever it is I am offering or presenting, so I would use written communication to keep the customer updated and of course to stay in touch with them.

However, I would use oral communication to give out a presentation to the customer of the latest and greatest technology and quarterly sales. Also, to talk about any questions or concerns he/she might be having. | There are several strategies I can use to ensure the customer has received an effective message. For example, being updated. Educating myself on the latest quarterly sale can transmit to the customer I know what he/she may be talking about. Second, ensure active participation. When a customer asks a question about the sales be the first one to respond, while making eye contact.

Listening would be the third strategy. When a customer is talking or asking a question pay full attention to the customer and answer the question fully. By listening it displays commitment. Last, knowing my audience. By connecting with the audience and understanding the audience I can build the relationship to a more professional level. | | All| When a presentation is prepared concerning salespeople, customers, and managers; the similarities and differences must be taken under consideration. Some characteristics I can take into consideration are education, age, gender, religion, and knowledge.

Not everyone holds the same experience or education. Not everyone has the same beliefs and mentality when it comes to a presentation and an action plan. | Overall, I can use oral and written communication with my manager, salespeople, and even the customers. If I were to present the quarterly sales and take all of the proper documentation as far as financial statements, balance sheets, and income statements I can give out an oral presentation as well as a written presentation that lets me focus on my topic. Oral and written communication can be used with anyone. Several effective messages I can relate to everyone is knowing the audience, get facts about everything, watch the tone of my voice, ask questions, and listen. All these strategies play a big role whether I am talking to a manager, salesperson, or even a customer. Knowing the audience will give me an advantage. Listening can state to anyone I am aware of what someone wants and can build a relationship. Watching the tone of my voice is very important. Emotion and feelings could be expressed through the tone of the voice. Keeping a professional tone at all times can give the impression I can handle and do well under pressure. | |

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