The high migration has always been a focused concern of people The

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The high migration has always been a focused concern of people. “The National Bureau of Statistics report found that the first migrating age of migrants born between 1980 and 1990 is 21.1, while the age for those who were born after 1990 is 17.2 considerably younger”(Hu, 2012, n.p.). These data can support the idea that moving to another place has become a fashionable choice for many young people. Admittedly, for many older people, they do not want to leave their hometowns for an unfamiliar environment.

The young has their own special style of living. Young people need different life skills from different places. With the development of China, younger people should be encouraged to experience life and work in a new city. And they can get what they want.

When the people change their life place, something will get better than now. The development of social and economic needs people to change. Talent flows should be well sustained. Undeveloped cities cannot have high technology and university.

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In the south of China, Xinjiang and Tibet province do not have university liked Peking University. These cities do not have human resources, they will not develop. When they want to change, the best way is receiving more human resources benefits local economic development. At first, the human resource has knowledge. “China will dispatch 10,000 teachers to Xinjiang and Tibet autonomous regions to support local education” (An, 2017, n.p.). If they will teach their experience from the large city, the local teenager will know the difference between local place and developed place.

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Tibet province has the complicated weather in China. The terrible weather does not stop the young to move there. Developed places liked Shanghai are cultivating useful talents for Tibet and Xinjiang province. “Two groups of students went to Western Chinese provinces, Xinjiang and Tibet, places with a large proportion of ethnic minorities in China” (Zhang, 2018, n.p.). There two groups all comes from ECNU in Shanghai. They are as teacher to teach some knowledge. In the second, some graduates who come from large city want to choose a new city to find a job or continue their studying. After graduation from college, they might select a place which possesses the greatest potential for them to fully utilize their major skills. The graduate who major in manned space flight can continue their research in lab. Tibet and Xinjiang province has desolate places. There can help the graduate. Thus, the prosperity of a region owes much to the unceasing flow of talented outlanders.

Living in a new place enriches young people with life experiences and also broadens their minds. As a matter of fact, life can be compared to a long journey. Each individual deserves the right to travel and move to another place. Living in a new atmosphere opens one’s mind and makes his life colorful and meaningful. A tourist said “When you travel to other countries and see the amazing beauty of sunsets overseas and volcanoes smoking under their fiery breath, you realize the world is full of more beauty that you are capable of seeing in a lifetime” (Hansen, 2019, n.p.). Hansen went some different cities in her holiday. Based on her experience, she recommends every young person get out of their hometown and sees what’s out there. The nature is the largest teacher. In addition, with the purpose of comprehending different cultures and values, it is be fully immersed into a new environment and intimately contact the details of life there. People should have stayed in there for much time. And in these times, local people can teach you what you do not know. ” Hansen paid a lot better attention during college Spanish class after visiting Mexico, and perked up in French class after her time in France and Africa” (Hansen, 2019, n.p.).When some people live in a new city, they will join in a new group. Such treasured experiences are key elements that make a person mature and sapient. Thus, they need to be accumulated continuously and over a long period of time.

Younger people who move to another city can contribute to their hometown when they come back. Moving to a new place does not mean never going back to the place where one belongs. “The “Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly People” says children must care for their parents’ “spiritual needs” as well as their physical needs – which are already protected by law” (Coonan, 2013, n.p.). Chinese children need to spend much more time to take care of their parents who are old. The people who move to a developed city can take their parents to their moving city. But they will put more money than coming back their hometown. In this time, they can take their progressive skill to help their hometown and take care of their older parents. Though, most children even if pay much more money, they do not want to come back their undeveloped hometown. Take China for example. China uses a policy to change these younger ideas. With the government’s implementation of the ‘develop the west’ strategy in 2000s, more and more talented students are determined to return to the West and contribute to the economy there. The government can pay for these people’s kids study. Its behavior can help these people who come back to hometown to reduce their stress.

Many people do not want to move a new city. They do not want to stay in a faster pace of life. Today, more and more young people in large cities are deprived of time spend with their families. When we face a challenge, we should think about how to solve it not how to escape. In the Japan, every city has a faster pace of daily life. “Another 2007 study found that in Japan, people are walking about 10% faster than they used to. Researchers identified that those who walk quickly are also more likely to speak fast and eat fast” (Align Today, 2019, n.p.). And they do not give up their moving idea. They always choose a city and move there. They also choose a city that is needed. Selecting a favorable living environment for them is also an important duty to perform.

In sum, young people are in a better position to migrate to new places to accumulate rich living and working experience. Economic prosperity in modern society depends largely on reasonable human resource flows. Living in a new place enriches young people with life experiences and also broadens their minds. Study in a new place can develop people’s hometown. If the young people want succeed, the best way will be moving to another place.


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