Association between Alcohol Abuse and Risk of Violence

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Large-scale survey studies have found an association between prior alcohol abuse and an increased risk of violence against others generally, and intimate partner violence, child abuse and child neglect. 17-19 in a multicity case-control study, persons who committed suicide were more likely to have had alcohol-related trouble at work or hospitalizations for complications of alcohol use.

Drug abuse in a 2004 BJS survey, >25% of inmates incarcerated for violent crimes reported committing those crimes while under the influence of drugs; >50% reported use in the preceding month.

33 Homicide offenders have rates of acute drug use or intoxication of 33-38% in toxicology studies. 10 In National Violent Death Reporting System suicide data for 2010, opiates, marijuana and cocaine were identified in 20.0%, 10.2% and 4.6%, respectively, of those tested. No study has examined associations between alcohol abuse and future violence among firearm owner. This is a records-based retrospective cohort study.

The study population will comprise all persons who legally purchased handguns in California in 2001-approximately 116 000 individuals. The measurements period for capturing outcome events will begin with each subject’s first handgun purchase in 2001 and end on 31 December 2013.

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We will extract data on arrests and convictions both prior and subsequent to the inception date from subjects’ criminal histories, and data on other alcohol-involved events from driver’s license records.

The primary outcome event will be an arrest in California for a violent Crime Index crime: homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. Subjects will be considered at risk for outcome events for only as long as their residence in the state can be verified independently of outcome events.

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The Driving Record File contains licensee identifiers and entries for ‘department actions’ such as DUI arrests and convictions and judgements by law enforcement officers that collision-involved drivers had consumed alcohol.

The study population will comprise all individuals with handgun purchase records in the 2001 DROS file. Data will be provided as computer files. We will submit criminal records requests for all study subjects to CalDOJ, which will use its standard protocols for linking subjects to records. Tentative matches will be reviewed manually by us using all available data. Only events occurring in California will be captured as outcome events, as criminal records for other states are not available for this purpose. We will, therefore, consider subjects to be at risk for outcome events for only as long as their status as alive and residing in California can be verified independently of outcome events.

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Association between Alcohol Abuse and Risk of Violence

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