As a company here at Avertec we believe that everybody needs motivation

As a company, here at Avertec, we believe that everybody needs motivation to wake up each morning. While some need a purpose and others need a vision, we believe that we need both. Our vision is pretty simple " to connect, grow and inspire the people and the world around us. We are a privately-owned franchise which trades under O2s' name so although we have our own vision and mission statement our values and behaviours must comply with O2 standards. Our values and behaviours make sure that our customers are at the core of everything we do because we are strong believers in leading the market in every way possible.

Technology is becoming a huge part of most peoples' lives and mobile phones are becoming a core part of the day-day life so as an organisation we aim to provide the best service possible to all consumers in order to ensure repeat business which will assist in the growth of the company's profit.

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We offer contracts to between 3-36 month to consumers to give them flexibility in order to stay in control. We also offer 24 and 36 - month contracts to businesses in order for them to have on the go access to everything they need on their phones. So, we not only do we trade as a business to consumer but also as a business to business. For those who do not like to be tied into contracts or even can't afford them, we offer pay and go options. We believe in giving back to our community and our way of giving back is by offering free of charge technical support available to everyone, whether you are an O2 customer or a customer of another provider.

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We offer all these services in order to be inclusive and benefit everyone in the market.All customers have different characteristics, but you will notice that most our customers have at least a few similar characteristics. Pretty much all of them like to stay connected online whether it be for personal reasons, such as communicating with loved ones or even for personal pleasures, or business uses nobody really likes to lose connectivity. Another thing you will notice about our customers is they like to be in control and feel like you are giving them the best deals for their loyalty. This is why we offer flexible tariffs and different types of discounts " student and family discounts. Lastly, and to us we believe this is the most important, you will realise that trust is a major factor for our customers and due to this we pride ourselves in giving the best customer service since that is the best way to build trust. There are many factors that have huge impacts on our business. Due to the fact we sell financial products " consumer credit agreements (CCA), we are regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA) " a company which ensures that all consumers are being sold financial products fairly. Their role is to regulate standards of conduct in retail and certain wholesale markets' (Financial Conduct Authority, 2019) This can have a massive impact on the business as they can change the rules at any point. Another reason they can have a huge impact is if we have a fail a FCA mystery shop visit they can not only fine us but also revoke our license to sell the products. In order to stay compliant all staff members must undergo the correct training on our learning campus. They must also undergo a role play sign off sheet as well as a live observation at least once every thirteen weeks to ensure they are compliant enough to be selling these financial products. All role plays and live observation forms must be stored in employees personal file for a minimum of 3 years. (Telefonica UK, 2019) This is an important matter and must be followed as it can cause a massive issue for the company as most of our income is made from the sales of these financial products.Latest Statistics show that with prices of mobile phones and tablets continuously rising the sales of some major manufacturers are declining and the market is falling into recession. According to an IDC research, the shipments of smartphones have declined by about 6% in Q3 2018. Brands like Samsung have had a massive decline of 13.3% from 2017 - 2018. However, although there are big manufacturers like Samsung which have had major declines, there are other brands which have upped their game in the market and have seen a dramatic rise in sales such as Huawei whose shipments have risen by 32.9% (International data corporation, 2018) This has had a huge impact on our business as we have seen about 10% drop in footfalls in our stores. The drop of footfall has also put a strain on the sales, so we therefore need to make sure that we are capitalising on every customer that walks through our doors to make sure we get as many possible sales in order to not make a huge loss.Another factor which impacts our business is the latest upcoming trends which have become the new norm amongst consumers. The way mobiles are being used has changed over the past few years. The specifications that are being bought forward with each new device launched by manufactures has made consumers use their smartphones much more. There has been such a rise in mobile usage to the extent they are now overtaking the use of computers, tablets, and even televisions. A survey conducted by Deloitte in 2018 has found that the ownership of smartphones has risen by 2% and the ownership of tablets has fallen by 4% from 2017 (Deloitte, 2019). Due to the increased usage and ownership in smartphones, there has been an increase in competition as other mobile providers are having to make sure that their deals are meeting customer demands. The structure of our organisation is a tall structure as there are five layers of management. This offers different levels of authorisation for different functions within the company. Our functions are as follows " executive director, operations director, human resources, marketing, training and development, Compliance, contact centre, regions 1, 2 and 3 and the stores in each region. This structure can have several impacts " both positive and negative - on the company. Having several layers of management within the company gives more space for employees to be promoted into different roles. This can be a positive impact as many employees who to see opportunities within a company tend to work harder to reach these positions and grow within the organisation. As a company we look to promote in house to give our current employees a fair chance. However, on the other hand, with several layers being available within the company it makes it more difficult for employees to put forward an issue or a possible good idea as they would have to go through several levels of management before being able to get to the right department. This could have a negative impact as the speed of the decision making may take longer than should be. See below a copy of the chart of the structure. Each function has different duties. Human resources have many responsibilities amongst these are - recruitment, training and development, legal compliance and employee relations. These are all very important parts of human resources as recruitment ensures that the right candidates are being recruited for the right positions. Training and development make sure all employees receive the correct training in order to be as skilled as possible for their roles. Legal compliance is an extremely important and sensitive part of the function as the law may change at any point and HR must make sure everything is up-to-date and everything is relayed back to relevant people. Marketing is a very important function within the organisation. This is due to the nature of the jobs and duties within this function. They must do in depth research before being able to put out any marketing products. They must think about things like possible costs to the company and who the audience is. If marketing is done correctly it could increase awareness to the company resulting in an increase in business. (Marketingwit, 2019). Another key department is finance. They are a key part of the business as they handle everything financial. The finance department deals with money in and out, payroll, financial controls and preparing any required financial reports (PCG, 2019). Finally, the operations department within a business has many duties which are essential to the organisations. Part of their function is overseeing operational requirements, reducing expenditure where possible, developing and implementing new strategies within the organisation to make it a more comfortable work place for everybody in the business. (Institute Of Directors, 2019)Although each function has their own duties and roles to do, there will be times where they will have to work together for the benefit of the company. For example, if we were to launch a new product the Marketing department, operations and HR may need to work with finance. All these functions would need to work together to agree on several things such as the budget which needs to be spent on marketing, hiring and training of staff members. Operations would need to work with finance to ensure that unnecessary costs are cut. As an organisation we have a role culture. This means that each employee has a a clear understanding of their position. There can be both negatives and positives and negatives to this type of culture. The positives of this culture are, the fact that everybody knows exactly what the responsibilities to their roles are, who they would report to and who reports to them. This decreases the confusion between employees within an organisation and to an extent, it shows an order within the organisation. The negatives however, is that decision making could be slow as there are more people that would have to have an input in the making of these decisions. You will also notice that due to our role culture, we are less likely to take risks and measure everything carefully. (TUTOR2U). With this culture the morale of employees can vary from one person to another. It could be either positive or negative depending on the position. For example, those lower part of the hierarchy can have a negative morale as they may feel their voice is not being heard.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021
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