Are many of lufthansa's challenges identified

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Are many of lufthansa’s challenges identified in the case similar to those being experienced by other businesses in today’s global economy? By iJazwahid RWC 2: Lufthansa: Taking Mobile Computing to the Skies While Keeping the Mobile Workforce Connected 1 . Are many of Lufthansa’s challenges identifies in the case similar to those being experienced by other businesses in todays global economy? Explain and provide some examples? While the specifics of each challenge are particular to Lufthansa’s situation, many are hared by other global organizations.

Examples could include: Provide a mobile workforce with equipment that fits their needs while it does not get in the way of accomplishing their objectives (not only technical specifications, but also upgrades and updates, stability, etc) Distribute training and other non-directly value-adding activities during non-productive periods both to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime Provide adequate support to mobile operations while keeping a tight lid n cost and being able to Justify the investment Redefine processes to accommodate new mobile technologies and needs of a distributed workforce – including communication, meeting and decision making practices 2.

What other tangible and intangible benefits, beyond those identified by Lufthansa, might a mobile workforce enjoy as a result of deploying mobile technologies.

Explain. Examples could include: Increased, all-around, communication, both with the organization and with personal relationships (family, friends, etc). Especially important for a highly mobile workforce such as airline pilots. Remote access to corporate applications, important since increasingly more of the employee’s interaction is self-managed (payroll systems, expense reports, etc.

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) More productive time spent at customer locations and streamlined order taking and processing Ability to timely collect and report data on the competitive environment, both for the own organization and competitors (prices, volume, advertising, etc)

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