Apply Legal and Ethical Parameters to Nursing Practice

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1. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (The National Law 2009) has great importance on the governance of the conduct of registered and enrolled nurses. The National Law allows national boards to manage the development of health profession standards. The National Law has requirement for national boards to enterprise wide range consultation on registration standards, codes and guidelines. The National Law organise a national scheme which include registration arrangement, accreditation arrangement, complaints, conducts, health and performance arrangements, privacy and information-sharing arrangement and transitional arrangements.

2. (a). Two legislations that mandate nurses to report to nominated government authorities where elderly people and/or children in their care are at risk of harm from others are Australian Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (2009) Children and Community services amendment act 2008

(b). These acts are state act, which can vary state or territory wide in Australia. (c). These legislations make ENs aware to provide safe environment and keep away elderly people and children from any harm by reporting to nominated government.

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This legislation helps to reduce some professionals to be involved in some cases. It is legal requirement for ENs to report all reasonable beliefs of any risk of harm for elderly people and/or children.

3. Four domains of the National Competency Standards for Enrolled Nurse are: -

(a) Professional and Ethical practices: Enrolled Nurses work according to legislation, policies and procedures to demonstrate knowledge of legislation and common law, organizational policies and procedure, fulfill the duty of care, report practices that may breach legislations, polices and procedures. ENs performs in ethical way, respect the rights of individual and groups, and accept accountability and responsibility for own actions within enrolled nursing practices.

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(b) Critical thinking and analysis: Enrolled nurses establish critical thinking to perform enrolled nursing practice by assessing own performance through nursing standards, by self professional development, by own care.

(c) Management of care: Enrolled nurses participate to form care plans with RN through accurate data collection and report of health and functional status of individuals and groups, through identification of expected healthcare outcomes, through evaluation of progress of individuals and groups to achieve expected outcomes with RN. ENs manage nursing care of individuals and groups by implementing planned nursing care to get identified outcomes, by recognizing any change in health and functional status, report and document it accurately and on time.

(d) Enabling: Enrolled nurses promote safety, security and personal integrity of individuals and groups, which include their actions of safety, create and maintain effective communication, applying strategies for promotion of self-esteem of individual and groups, actions to maintain dignity and integrity of individuals and groups. Enrolled nurses provide support and care to individuals and groups and participate with members of healthcare team to achieve effective healthcare outcomes.

4. The NMBA new Code of Ethics August 2008 define the nursing profession’s commitment to respect, promote, protect and support the fundamental rights od receiver and provider of nursing and healthcare. Its impact on practice of enrolled nurses is to: Provide quality nursing care, taking action on reasonable ground Respect the individual’s ethical values with gentleness

Understand different culture and languages influence the nursing and healthcare Demonstrate the ability to reasonably and equitably provide services depends on needs, social standings, ethnicity, age, race, level of income, gender Support culture of safety because safety is everyone’s responsibility Document all information accurately, non-judgmentally and relevant to health, acre and treatment of a person and should be confidential Prevent, minimize and overcome the harmful effect of economic, social or ecological factors on health Promote and maintain the trust between nurse care receiver

Perform ethically

5. The purpose of NMBA new code of Professional Conduct August 2008 for nurses is to: Specify a base to consumer, regulatory, employing and professional bodies for evaluating professional conduct of nurses Form a set of minimum national standards of conduct, nurses are supposed to support Inform the community of standards of professional conduct, it can sustain nurses in Australia


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Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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