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Applications of SSL VPN for Internet Security

Is SSL VPN an effectual solution to procure infirmary ‘s distant entree? SSL VPN is a sort of VPN that runs on SSL engineering and is accessible via hypertext transfer protocol over web browsers. SSL VPN helps us set up a safe and secured connexion to the distant entree systems available in the infirmaries. These connexions are setup between the transmittal control protocol and the application bed protocols. It was popularly implemented in recognition card security and online banking. There are some other applications of SSL VPN particularly in wellness attention industry.

In Hospitals there are times when the doctors, decision makers ask for an easier and secured manner to entree distant information systems available at the infirmaries ; To back up these demands many engineerings which provide such security like individual mark on, biometric readers and secured socket bed practical private web with terminal point control were suggested. Because of end point control security, SSL VPN was largely preferable amongst these engineerings.

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Among assorted VPN solutions SSN VPN provides anyplace, any device distant entree. In infirmaries it provides a sawbones to derive direct entree to the patient ‘s records or consequences available in the infirmary systems. This they can make from their place utilizing their laptops or even nomadic devices. They can schedule their calendar activities like maintaining reminders on the assignments ; they can entree the patient ‘s informations or information available from the system. SSL VPN can take attention of all the jobs associating to security of informations and their unity.

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This provides physicians batch of flexibleness in pull offing their resources. As this procedure is an machine-controlled procedure it is really of import that all the information is safe and secure. Hence we look for SSN VPN to supply that type of security. An Effective solution to procure infirmary ‘s distant entree is Secure Sockets Layer practical private web ( SSL VPN ) which provides secured entree to the distant systems with their end point control security.


Users require safe and flexible entree to the web resources for which they require unafraid distant entree to the assorted systems available. There are many systems which are easy and firmly accessible but there are some non known to the user, some are non safe for transporting out any dealing, some are non good managed systems, so we require some engineering to supply solution to all these different types of systems and SSL VPN is one such engineering which is used to supply safe entree to these sorts of distant systems. The predecessor to this engineering was IPSec. IPSec was used to entree the distant systems available over web. There were times when dial modems where used to entree the distant systems but subsequently they realized it was a pricy issue and so the procedure of supplying entree to the systems through the public cyberspace proved to be more economical. Burrowing into corporate webs with the aid of distant entree VPN that involved IP security was used to forestall jobs like listen ining and congestion on Internet traffic.

In order to supply better and unafraid communicating between the two terminal users of the systems, standard IPSec was used which protected IP packages between the systems by encoding methods. Encoding involved utilizing IKE ( Internet key exchange ) in order to negociate with the security services and crypto keys and to construct secured communicating between different equals. The whole procedure included encoding of the IP packages data warhead, rejecting replayed IP packages and verifying the unity of the packages. There were some additions to IP Sec i.e. an drawn-out hallmark which was used to supply pass on user logins and watchword. Installation of seller supplied VPN clients would assist sellers supply private IP addresses to the distant systems in a web.

With the coming of residential broadband which was a replacing for the old fashioned dial ups, offsite workplaces grew enormously. These offsite workplaces allowed the employee to work from their house, while going. This entree to remote systems through VPN helped nomadic workers entree their concern mails while going with the VPN clients installed.

Because of these easy entree options, demands increased and so it gave rise to increase in the work force size and assortment which in bend gave rise to new IT menaces and security issues.

It is non ever advisable to put in VPN clients in topographic points like worker ‘s place desktop where there are possibilities of the household accessing the client and it makes the whole client vulnerable.

The possible solution to this would be an alternate to put ining a VPN client, every clip we want to entree the distant systems. Such an option was found in web browsers where the web browsers use SSL ( Secured Socket Layer ) protocol or the latest Thallium protocol to code and verify HTTP messages sent by Web applications. So we have an option of utilizing these web browsers and their tunneling protocols to present security services as IP sec. Web browsers are much easier to manage and supply assorted characteristics. Hence these web browsers with SSL VPN emerged to carry through the demand of users to entree their distant systems from their personal desktops, Mobile and personal digital assistant.

A dissoluble agent like an active ten or a java applet is used by the browser to present client side processing which helps in keeping users from diverse locations and different devices. It besides reduces the cost of client disposal. With the aid of these connected systems a authorised user can entree the authorised resources over the web by utilizing the SSL VPN tunnel. The users here log into the SSL VPN through the web browsers. A two manner interaction occurs between the users and the remotes systems and because of the usage of SSL VPN we are assured of the security that is required for the resources available as in this modern universe the biggest Information technology menace would be a security related menace.

There is some hazard involved in supplying the unmanaged and potentially compromised devices full entree to finish web would be risky. This menace is related to all the systems from IT related systems or place systems or workplace centres or every system that is non good configured. SSL VPN ‘s provide solution to this job in two ways i.e.

  1. SSL VPN connects authorized users to the application and the informations that they are allowed to entree with the demand to cognize entree restrictions. This helps in cut downing hazard by restricting concern quality disclosure. This is done alternatively of linking all the sure hosts to finish web.
  2. Tunnel terminal point security is provided by SSL VPN by supplying entree determinations that reflect both users uniqueness by utilizing its individuality and device security. Restricting entree to remote resources by seting the resource mandates can minimise menace exposure on assorted devices. In this importance is given to the device from which the user logs in as it decides as to what resources can the user logs in. The user rights should be different for a individual when he enters into a company from place or from the company system

This will assist supply better security and turn to the security issue discussed above

Let us take an illustration for the above instance where the user can be given rights of read/write for a file when he is accessing information from managed systems, read merely entree on vague terminal points and no entree rights to virus prone systems. The whole procedure of utilizing SSL VPN is when a user logs into a file system so the user will be provided entree to information that are seeable to him or will be shown merely those booklets on which he can entree information. All other booklets are hidden from the user so there is no manner these booklets can be affected. These options of supplying terminal to stop security, user focused handiness are required to firmly develop distant entree to varied communities.

SSL VPN contraptions are deployed at the trust boundaries, merely like IP Sec VPN concentrators. These contraptions provide validate, authorise, procure entree to private resources present at the resource systems. These contraptions use SSL VPN encrypted tunnel in order to reassign information or entree rights to resources across the two terminal systems over the cyberspace. There is a spot fluctuation in how the SSL is applied and what information is passed in the encrypted tunnel of SSL. Early merchandises of SSL VPN concentrated on web based applications and it had to follow the criterions that the browser offered. SSL VPN evolved when the users realized that the old web applications were really basic degree applications and these applications did non back up most of the distant user demands. SSL VPN defines a set of entree methods that its contraption supports.

Access Method of SSL VPN clients

  1. In the first entree method it provides entree to any web application where the browser tunnels over SSL and so to the VPN appliances merely like the manner it would for any web waiter. Here the VPN contraption performs the operations of web placeholder where it maps the external URL to the internal references before the directing the HTTP to the private waiter available. As it is a two manner communicating. On the manner back SSL is used once more to burrow the waiter responses back to the users which are done by the VPN contraption.
  2. In the 2nd method as compared to the interaction with the web services, here we look at the interaction with the non web applications like illustration: communicating with the popular mails and terminal services. The dissoluble agent of the VPN here becomes the application client and it sends the HTTP petition to the VPN contraption tunneling over the SSL. Function of the HTTP is done by the contraption into the native application protocol where it is relayed to the non web applications. Inbuilt content transcribers are provided in the concern applications, these applications related content transcribers are required for the execution of this method.
  3. In order to suit the non browser based client applications, SSL VPN agent is used. The users here interact with the TCP client applications which are installed locally in the user needed mode. These specific TCP ports are bind by the SSL VPN agent and are forwards native application protocol through the SSL tunnel. The VPN contraption Acts of the Apostless as a contrary placeholder where it relays the application related messages to and from the private TCP waiters. The whole above procedure is wide intent and it can back up a broad scope of TCP waiter applications. In order to trip the agent definite browsers are required or sometimes some stopper in or even some administrative privileges are to be provided on the distant host.
  4. The last method here even though is broader to the above methods is non widely implemented. Tunneling of IP packages are done alternatively of the TCP Sessionss by the SSL VPN agent. This is logically about similar to IP Sec as it provides full web entree privileges to the applications that need such high privileges and merit it. Some illustrations would be VOIP or a managed system. In this method the merchandises of SSL VPN really put in a grim web connection agent. The pick of entree methods are provided to the user by the usage of contraption portal and policy agents.

These methods have successfully evolved to back up different sort of systems, applications and users. In an organisation that supports a big varied work force will confront problem or troubles in conveying all into a individual distant entree solution. These varied options of utilizing different methods have helped SSL VPN take over the concern of IP Sec VPN. Thus a displacement from the IP Sec VPN to deployment of SSL VPN was done in order to fulfill varied distant entree demands.

Classs of SSL VPN security

SSL VPN provides an entry into the corporate substructure by supplying extreme security. Security by SSL VPN is one of its critical constituents. As there are many classs of SSL VPN security merchandises which have different and distinguishable security related capablenesss in them, it becomes really of import for the corporate organisations to take what sort of security it would desire to implement. The different Classs related to SSL VPN security are as follows:

  1. Authentication and Mandate: This type of security is required when the users are allowed to entree some informations or information which has to be protected from any infection. When a user additions entree to some information or a distant system, they are able to make that with SSL VPN. During this whole procedure of information entree it becomes really of import for the information provider to look into that the information or the resources is merely accessed by the authorised users. It is of import that a user is able to entree the resource merely till the degree he is allowed to, all this can be done with SSL VPN. Authentication includes utilizing of engineerings like supplying watchwords, one clip watchwords, Client certifications, usage of smart cards and two factor hallmarks. Hence hallmark via SSL VPN is a much secured matter. Authorization trades with permissions where different entree permissions are provided to the user and they are authorized with different permissions like operating system permissions, file system permissions, native application permissions. Then there is mandate information which is maintained by SSL VPN in order to traverse look into the above mandate permissions. It besides maintains a 3rd party database of different 3rd party mandates.
  2. End Point Security: This type of security is besides known as the security provided at the client-side or at the browser side. Here the terminal point security refers to engineering that has to be implemented in order to forestall any security related issues happening on systems used to entree the resources of the other remote system through SSN VPN. When we compare this engineering with the old distant entree engineerings, we can see that SSL VPN allows entree to remote systems and its resources from the systems which are non unafraid. The terminal point security criterions for SSL VPN are pretty different from other old distant entree engineerings and hence it is one of the better engineerings to supply the terminal point security. Normally the job arises when there is some sensitive informations nowadays in insecure parts, cookies generated during the user entree of the system. These jobs have to be solved by giving proper terminal point security.
  3. Server Side Security: It is besides known as Network Security which in bend refers to protecting the resources that are internal to corporate organisation which besides includes SSL VPN server itself falling prey to any type of dialogue. Here the jobs related to firewalls and other engineerings being undermined, application degree exposures, encoding and patching of SSL VPN waiters are corrected.

All the above engineerings are integrated and implemented to acquire the working of SSL VPN.

SSL VPN Planning and Implementation

As we look at the deployment of any new engineering, we look at the attack it follows for its deployment. In instance of SSL VPN Planning and Implementation the attack that is followed is a phased attack where successful deployment can be obtained by measure by measure execution procedure. Phased attack is used in order to cut down on unforeseen issues and detect forthcoming booby traps early in the procedure.

The different stages are as follows:

  1. Identify Requirements: This stage involves that portion of the procedure when designation of the current and the approaching demands for entree of the distant systems and finding how they are best met by an SSL VPN execution. In Hospital instance we must recognize what the demands of the system that has to be accessed by the physicians, IT staff are and acquire a list of demands. Once demands are available, 2nd stage follows
  2. Design the Solution: In the 2nd stage of the execution procedure all facets of planing a SSL VPN solution for the above demands are met. There are five classs of design elements:
  • Access control: This component trades with planing entree control policies. Access for the SSL VPN users to the resources is gained based on features. The different features are user designation, computing machine location and most significantly the degree of hallmark.
  • End point security: This component trades with planing the terminal point security controls. Some terminal point security controls provided by SSL VPN are to look into unity of host and mechanisms for security protection. Host unity ensures that client is in fulfilment with an organisation ‘s lowest degree of security policy. Integrity cheques include look intoing for type and version of the operating system, antivirus and personal firewall position, register key, a specific file and procedure that is running.
  • Authentication: This component trades with choosing the method of hallmark. The assorted ways to authenticate SSL VPN users include usage of engineerings like LDAP, RADIUS, digital certifications and active directory.
  • Architecture: This component trades with scheming architecture of the SSL VPN execution procedure. This includes high handiness constellation, portal design, firewall and routing considerations, hardware choice and device arrangement.
  • Cryptanalysis policy and FIPS Compliance: In the last of the sub subdivisions of the constituents, choice of a cryptanalytic policy by the organisation should be done. It needs to be chosen in a manner that it is suiting all the demands and fits all the demands. It becomes really of import for the IT decision maker in the infirmary to take the right sort of cryptanalytic faculties that have complex algorithms and method that satisfy the demands of infirmary.
  • Execution and Test a Prototype: This stage deals with implementing and proving a sample in a trial environment. The first end in this stage is to measure all facets related to solution which includes hallmark, application compatibility, direction, logging, public presentation, design and layout of the VPN portal, security of the execution and default scenes.
  • Connectivity: In order to entree resources that are intended to be accessible by the SSL VPN, a user must set up and keep SSL VPN connexions. It becomes of import to be able to verify if all the applications are accessed by the operating systems and browsers that a user utilizations. Firewall should besides non barricade the connectivity particularly when SSL VPN trades with multiple interfaces and sites. In Hospital instance the physicians might desire to entree the information systems from different locations and hence it is of import for a proper connexion so that easy and unafraid flow of information takes topographic point.
  • Loging: Organization ‘s policies and schemes play of import function in proper working of the logging and the information direction maps.
  • Management: Configuration and direction of the solution efficaciously and firmly has to be done by the decision maker. They should be able to verify that backups of the informations have been created and informations can be restored from them easy. This is besides of import in infirmaries as the patient information is really of import information which can non be lost as aggregation of all patients information for the physician would be a long term procedure, therefore backup of all the informations related to the patients and all the information system should be present.
  • Deploy the Solution: This stage comes when all the testing of different paradigms has been completed. This stage involves deploying the solution in the SSL VPN planning and execution theoretical account. In this theoretical account a probationary plan for future development is launched before the endeavor broad deployment. This pilot plan consists of users who are helpful in proving the SSL VPN solution for serviceability, interoperability and functionality. The users who are involved in this plan should hold high proficient cognition degrees to measure the organisations ability to react a broad scope of proficient inquiries related to the SSL VPN solution. This sample plan will assist us recognize the jobs that could impact the larger population and one time all the jobs in the sample are fixed it can be deployed onto the big population i.e. endeavor broad.


Training is given to these pilot users in signifier of terminal user preparation and even assist desk support preparation is provided so that they understand the different characteristics offered by SSL VPN and go comfy in utilizing them. The different type of preparation provided is in custodies on Sessionss or talks. Documentation is besides done so that it can function as a mention in supplementing the preparation. Rich preparation should be given to forces who are at the aid desk support as their function is to assist users in trouble-shooting when they have some jobs and should besides be able to assist users in set uping the VPN connectivity. When the pilot plan is little so the pilot users can be trained by the group that deploys SSL VPN. The precedence to develop aid desk forces can be following.

Once the plan has been launched, it is suggested that the organisation bit by bit migrate from the bing web substructure, applications and users to the new SSL VPN supported solutions. The impact of SSL VPN can be evaluated to see if this solution can be deployed over the endeavor. There is a proficient papers which is generated during the deployment stage which should include the undermentioned:

  • Instruction manuals of how to configure the SSL VPN devices to their present phase.
  • Access control policy
  • Pimps that have been set as criterions for the SSL VPN execution.
  • Configuration of firewalls and routers policies.
  • End point security demands.

Issues that arise at assorted phases during the deployment procedure:

  • Negative consequence of encrypted traffic are when they affect services such as firewalls, invasion sensing, remote supervising investigations, quality of service and congestion control protocols.
  • Unanticipated public presentation issues may originate, either with the SSL VPN components themselves or with their intermediate devices like routers.
  • Issues originate when the SSL VPN traffic is blocked because of some firewalls, routers or other package filtrating devices which do non let proper flow on production webs.
  • There are high opportunities that the environment alterations during the deployment. There may be some new applications installed or the bing package had been upgraded which change the environment in which it was deployed.


  • Pull off the solution: This stage last the longest in the planning and execution theoretical account. In this care of the SSL VPN architecture, its policies, package supported and other constituents that are deployed in the solution is done. Maintenance includes testing and using spots, package updates for the SSL VPN devices. Connectivity to extra remote sites, regenerating waiter certifications which are on brink of termination is all done by deploying SSL VPN connectivity. It becomes of import to invariably maintain an oculus on the public presentation of these SSL VPN constituents in order to place the possible resources issues so that they can be addressed before its public presentation degrades. In the same manner proving has to be done sporadically to verify if the entree controls are working decently. As there are ascents in the system like new hardware, new package or important constellation alterations, in order to acquire the demands list, start the procedure once more at the identify demands stage. All the above stairss if performed right the SSL VPN solution lifecycle would run really expeditiously.


There is another chapter to pull offing SSL VPN solution i.e. managing operational issues. Performance is affected when there is some connexion jobs related to atomization. Fragmentation occurs when packages that are transferred are broken down into little fragments which so need to be reassembled at the having host. Troubleshooting is helped along the manner with the SSL VPN device logs and client logs. Firewall and router logs may authenticate whether the SSL VPN traffic is making them, go throughing through them or if the firewall blocks them.

SSL VPN in Hospitals

Many infirmaries located at assorted parts are confronting issues that has become really common job in infirmaries i.e. doctors and decision makers were inquiring for easier distant entree to the infirmaries information systems. In the mean while the IT staff idea of an increased protection for those resources which are to be accessed by the users. There are many engineerings that have come up which address the jobs like e-prescription systems, propinquity cards, biometric-readers, individual sign-on ( SSO ) solutions and SSN VPN with end point control. These engineerings help in supplying unafraid distant entree.

The doctrine that goes behind choosing the engineering and afterward and execution of the engineerings was to outsource less work and manage most work in house. In infirmaries it becomes really of import that the solutions that are deployed should run into ends, easy to pull off, should necessitate minimum help desk support and provides enhanced web entree. SSL VPN should be implemented to fulfill all these demands.

These yearss there are users which demand different demands like desiring more entree to our web from different locations i.e. remote locations which include private abodes, wireless hot spots, spouse offices and other wellness attention organisations. The disadvantages of IPSec worked as advantages for SSL. Disadvantages of IP Sec was that it was non needed by the physicians any longer, who wanted to work remotely and there were some security issues with IPSec where it could non supply high degree of security which was required for the distant entree. IT staff had to verify if every distant terminal point computing machine consists of latest antivirus signatures and critical security spots for operating system. Confirmation of the authorized user had to be done before giving the entree to the web.

All these security cheques could be done merely on the web users. This would be clip devouring and load for the IT section. IPSec would non supply terminal point security and because of changeless web entree it was non a suggested engineering for distant entree. SSL VPN offers many characteristics that were non offered by IPSec VPN. SSL VPN offered easiness of deployment, robust terminal point control and multiplatform support. In order to salvage the systems and the information from the virus attacks the standards for choosing SSL VPN was that it provides end point control. SSL VPN could besides be selected as it would supply abilities to oppugn devices to guarantee certain applications like up to day of the month antivirus package were running. It would partner off this information with the user individuality to make up one’s mind on the privileges of entree. The physicians or the doctors would be given different entree rights to the patient ‘s record when compared to the disposal staff.

Different information was available for the different users and they could non interfere in each other ‘s information. The different precedences in choosing SSL VPN besides included easiness of usage and easiness of direction for entree from both managed and unmanaged devices. One more standard was to choice solutions in such a manner that it could manage all kind of devices, applications as a individual entrance for distant users like physicians, administrator staff, patients. One of the celebrated SSL VPN sellers is Sonic WALL Avential which is in this concern from a long clip and was able to successfully implement SSL VPN is many wellness attention organisations. There are some instances when the users faced trouble accessing the IDX client/server application over the SSL VPN portal, for this the solution would be to inquire the support specializer to insulate the job to a resolvable ActiveX issue, therefore entree to the users was provided merely the manner they needed.

With the aid of SSL VPN users who could entree the resources were given easy, unafraid distant entree without much fuss to put in it at place. The doctors and the decision makers could easy entree the Windowss file waiters, corporate intranet with fiscal applications, HR information, electronic patient records and digital entree from their place desktops, laptops, Mobiles or personal digital assistant ‘s. As the SSL VPN provides clientless solution over cyberspace, many physicians or users who had their separate clinical systems could easy entree the chief waiter system as it was non necessary to put up complex site-site tunnels or exclusion regulations for the firewalls.

In order to deploy a SSL VPN solution into the infirmary it is of import to see if the substructure of the infirmary can back up its deployment. Many infirmaries require multiplatform support and SSL VPN provides that characteristic. Assorted engineerings can be integrated with the SSL VPN to supply better security for the users and even the host waiters. One such illustration is proximity designation where a doctor is given a propinquity card which can be interpreted by the computing machine in the ED. With this the user does non hold to type its user name when it tries to entree the distant controls at the infirmary. We can incorporate this system with a biometric reader where the user does non hold to type his watchword ; alternatively it can merely acquire his any of the centripetal portion ( finger print ) scanned as the watchword. Once the user name and the finger print matches the user can log onto the system that it wants to entree. All this integrating is good supported by SSL VPN.

Extensions to the bing system

With the aid of SSL VPN the infirmaries can supply assorted entree privileges to the users like doctors where one time the doctor is logged in and is utilizing different applications so the user does non hold to log in into each application as merely those applications which it can entree are made available to the users. Options of accessing e- patient ‘s records, the programming system, and patient enrollment system are all made available to the doctor. Some hereafter applications that can be installed are e-prescription medicine order entry system for the doctors that will incorporate SSL VPN. The physicians here can utilize this engineering to inquire for assorted electronic trials like medical imaging trial and even medicine telling. All these integrating is a made much easier because of execution of SSL VPN.

Advantages of SSL VPN

& A ; uuml ; Unique characteristics provided by SSL VPN such as SSL VPN uses SSL protocol to supply secure connectivity between different remote users and internal web resources. Omnipresent nature of SSL VPN in many browsers allows it to be used in many distant locations besides. Users do non hold to put in any client like in the instance of IPSec which makes it easy to link to different client machines. SSL VPN for this characteristic is already known as clientless VPN. Hence many physicians would be allowed to entree the information that they need from different distant locations.

  • SSL VPN is easy to utilize for terminal users. SSL VPN gives users an option of utilizing their favourite web browsers instead than being restricted by their operating systems. Hence it allows users seeking to entree information from the infirmaries varied options of browsers.
  • SSL VPN besides provides advantages for terminal users in the country of outward connexion security.
  • Most environments that implement SSL VPN do non barricade outbound secure HTTPS traffic which is based on SSL. It provides limitation free entree for the physicians or the decision makers seeking to acquire the connectivity.
  • SSL-enabled placeholder waiter is an application room access that supports certain applications.
  • SSL VPN does non necessitate extra client ‘s package to be installed on the terminal point device. In order to back up assorted applications downloadable burrowing client is available and delivered. This is of import for the client machine for it to back up the assorted SSL VPN capablenesss. This makes it easy for the physicians, decision makers to easy manage the clientless VPN as there is no much trouble involved in utilizing it.
  • SSL VPN besides provides a characteristic of canceling firmly all the downloaded file as the connexion is terminated. This avoids hackers in obtaining information from the non trusted machines. Hence when a physician log off so all the of import patient informations is deleted. If it is non done and if any one changes the information in patient ‘s records so the effects will be risky where the physician might handle the incorrect patient with the incorrect medicine after looking at its septic records.

Disadvantages of SSL VPN

  • When the client platform security is compromised, it gives rise to security based jobs. Many sellers have developed mechanism in order to hike the trust on non trustable machines connectivity. This could be harmful when the user accesses from a public computing machine infinite like an cyberspace parlour. Scrutiny of the users should be given high precedence in order to get the better of any security related jobs. In the instance of infirmaries all the users should non be given entree as they might be accessing the information from public topographic points which might give rise to jobs subsequently.
  • There are methods like Active-X and java applets to enable SSL VPN, but the same is used by the hackers. In such a instance client unity has to be maintained which limits the figure of clients or users that can be connected. In instance of infirmaries whenever a physician downloads an applet to utilize a specific characteristic into the distant system it might give a expressway for the hackers to utilize the same information by downloading the same applet.
  • Sometimes hallmark of users and their certificates can be saved in a system for a user to salvage clip in accessing the system but because one time a physician log off signifier the system all its information is deleted for which if the physician wants to entree back the system it has to travel through all the processs of hallmark once more which is clip taking in instance of an exigency state of affairs.
  • Sellers if they install any extra support through the usage of protocol redirectors makes it compulsory for the users to hold working cognition of the support system which might take to confusion as many physicians or the administrator staff does non cognize much about the application.
  • The biggest disadvantage of SSL VPN is that it can non supply privileges to the users on the footing of beginning IP addressing as SSL VPN are placeholders from merely one IP reference and so all clients are connected through the same IP. This takes out an option of filtering and commanding the traffic based on IP beginning. Many physicians might hold to go to an exigency state of affairs and if so all the physicians are non provided entree at the right clip so it might do bigger jobs.

In future if the above jobs are solved so SSL VPN would go one of the most powerful and trustable tool to supply extremely secured connectivity between distant clients and the host systems. Each of the disadvantages should be worked on and in the hereafter a hassle free, multi IP beginning support, salvaging the hallmark information of users once the users location or system is validated in order to salvage clip on hallmark procedure and most significantly should polish its proof regulations to let entree by any non trustable system.


Secured Socket Layer Virtual Private Network is the unafraid manner to let distant entree across the distant systems in a infirmary. The physicians, decision makers are provided with extreme security and are allowed to entree the distant systems or the host systems from any distant location with the aid of any web browser. Its end point security helps authenticate users and supply privileges to the physicians or the decision makers to entree the information from the host machine. Doctors can see the information of the patients and other information in order to supply better aid in instance he is non available at the site of the infirmary. This distant entree options helps to group many physicians, assorted patients, administrator staff, IT staff to be in connexion and they can pass on with each other to entree the information from each section to supply better handiness of hospital resources to the patients. Security is required when communicating occurs between these sections and that security is extremely provided by deployment of SSL VPN solutions. SSL VPN provide an option of better productiveness sweetenings, improves handiness of information and its deployment cost less so IT cost will be reduced.


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