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Summarize the information Sammy gives readers about his tastes and background. Why is the exposition vital to the story’s development? He is a nineteen year old young man, that is finding his way into life and society, he tries to be different from the dull and boring, he is also really interested in getting a girl and moving from where he ir. The way he is affects how he acts during the story. List some of the most obvious physical characteristics of the A&P customers.

How do these characteristics make them foils for Queenie and her friends?

They are just normal, regular and boring people. Queenie and her friends are more unique and outgoing What is it about Queenie and her friends that appeals to Sammy? How they move, Queenie’s weird leadership, their bodies. He is specially attracted to the chubby one. Is Queenie a stock character? Explain. Yes. The typical leader of a small group of attractive, confidante and seem to be from a upper class.

What rules of conventions the customers are expected to follow in a supermarket?

How does the behavior of Queenie and her friends violate these rules? Costumers must always wear shoes and shirt for service. Queenie and her friends went in bathing suits, therefore breaking the supermarket policy and “disrespecting” themselves. Is the supermarket setting vital to the story? Could the story been set in a car wash? In a fast food restaurant? in a business office? It’s the best place to set the story.

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They needed to go and buy something and take it, not just get a service. How accurate are Sammy’s judgments about the other Characters?

How might the characters he portrayed if the story were told by Lengel? Well he over exaggerated how the characters are really. I believe Lengel judgments would’ve been more close minded and maybe dull. Given what you learn about Sammy during the course of the story, what do you see as his primary motivation for quitting his job? What other factors motivate him? I think his primary reason was to show off to the girls and to prove himself and other that he deserves a better place. Also his ideals affected.

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A&P Summary Questions
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