Answer Q1Apple in fact Could track the use of their products when

Answer Q1:Apple in fact Could track the use of their products when they are accepted and used by variety of consumers. The other reason is that data is more important to Apple because they can show the accessory that adapt organization during the usage of Apple products in comparing with the others. When Apple gives some statistics that show some users who download a lot of applications on the iPad s, the design of accessories for the iPad is going to be simple to the companiesAnswer Q2:Apple gained success when it uses information from all the areas to create a competitive to their products.

The converting of data to a clear information that can make a product to aa whole. Also, sharing familiar information could make the company to be more efficient. product.Information technology: make the people who are in high positions to be more effective in the business work and the company areas. Information technology in fact may control the use of computers and the software.

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Apple designs are attractive, and also their products rely more in standard technologies. On the other hand, Apple gives the good customer service to the users. Besides, Apple employees are smart and innovative. The companies become more interested and looking for their customers satisfaction. Apple knows that an organization without customers it will not succeed. It uses information from customers ideas about the products that Apple produce to improve new products. Answer Q3:Apple knows the demand on their products is high and they are able to project company output with information.

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They will focus on the consumers predictions of the product and the company will be able to integrate processes with possibilities to be ensure that they provide the customer what is predicted.Case Study 2: Answer Q1:Executive Support Systems (ESS):a) Providing generalized computing capacity.B) Using portal with Web interface to present the main content.c) It helps the manager to make the marketing campaigns that is going to make a large return of consumers.d) It also can help the Vail Ski Resort to determine which lifts must be elevation.e) The resort may increase the lift speed so that more consumers will be happy in the resort.f) It provides other things to the resort. g) It helps the person who has a responsibility to analyze where to invest Management Information Systems (MIS):The steer skiers to different food outlets depend on demand. It determines the most famous places that are visiting and shows how to improve them.Transaction Processing Systems (TPS):Is an informational scheme for the collection, storage, retrieval and modification of transactions that made by an organization. Vail Ski Resort used these systems to collect the basic data of the consumers.Decision Support Systems (DSS):It helps the managers to understand which ski lifts are used so the maintenance schedules can be adjusted, and which customers must receive special promotions.Answer Q2: The managers of Vail Ski Resort who collect the database to make the right decision that is actually depend on the right data by the information system. However, the Vail Ski Resort concentrates on the quality to gain people and to choose Vail Ski Resort and also increasing the business growth. In fact, Vail Ski Resort make some standards and also the best qualtiy when the customers in the resort. Answer Q3:The campaigns develop the quality of service and the profitability are the main three decisions that are supported by these systems. First, the resort must concentrate on these campaigns because the resort must put a goal in the campaign to the target. The resort focuses on the people who is going to spend a lot of money to gain a huge return. Also, they must know who is deserving to get offers like discount and other offers. They need to improve their facilities beside quality of service because the higher quality of the service will make the customer choose this resort again. Case Study 3: Answer Q1: Information Technology and systems: are very important to any company. They know that when the data generated by the company is huge, it will be recorded and stored a specific place. They are responsible for maintaining the daily operations of the organization.Answer Q2: CIOs basically face the challenge of the transformation. It takes the huge IT transformation at Walmart. Also, it Introduces the new systems such as the POS that is not easy. You must know that the daily operations cannot be affected in any way, and you also need to overcome the resistance to change it between workers. Answer Q3: It plays a role in enabling the business. It helps people work faster, and more efficiently. Walmart makes its strategies by using information technology because it helps in decreasing the costs at their distribution centers. This helps Walmart to own its centers customers. Also, getting the best products with the best price.Answer Q4: Information Systems is a main role in the business. They serve the purpose of doing the main business. They are responsible for leading productivity, reducing costs, and making processes faster and easier and more efficient.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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