Annual Accomplishment Report


The Alternative Learning System, since its implementation, saw the great success of its programs. As an alternative way of learning, it provides a viable alternative to the existing formal educational system. Its two major programs the Accreditation and Equivalency Program (A&E) and the Basic Literacy Program (BLP) become the new hope for our out-of-school youths and adults in fulfilling their dreams since some of them haven’t been in school for such a long time.

Another program of ALS, the Informal Education (InfEd), is a lifelong process of learning by which every person acquires or accumulates knowledge, skills, attitudes and insights from daily experiences at home, at work, at play and from life itself.

Alternative Learning System has been a very important component of our educational system to achieve quality and access to education as envisioned in the Education For All 2015 (EFA). Its main goal focuses on the eradication of illiteracy and poverty alleviation and among its key functions are: to promote, improve, monitor and evaluate alternative learning interventions for functional literacy of out-of-school youth and adults.

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Sustainable human resource development through quality basic education.

Empowerment of learners for a literacy learning who can contribute for the social, economic, cultural and values development resulting to improved quality of life.

It is envision in Pangasinan II that every ALS learner will become functionally literate, productive, and effective members of the society, useful, caring and patriotic citizens.


As a newly-hired mobile teacher, I started to lay out my plans for the ALS program in the month of June.

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I went to different barangay of Natividad especially in identified areas where most of the residents belong to marginalized group of learners and are underprivileged. I coordinated with community leaders and conducted advocacy campaign to identify potential learners. I recruited learners for the A&E and BLP Programs. I also conducted the Functional Literacy Test to assess the learner’s level of learning and competency.

I coordinated with the school ALS coordinators in identifying in-school overaged learners by the middle of June. I assisted my learners to fill – up their ILA and prepared for them an individual portfolio. I encouraged them to register for the A&E Examination.

I assisted in the consolidation of Literacy Mapping in July and in the succeeding months. In celebration of Nutrition Month, we were able to put up a vegetable garden around the CLC. I also prepared the MIS and LIS of my learners. By the end of July, I assisted in the A&E registration. I also provided my learners with individual copy of A&E reviewer at my own expense.

For the month of August and September, I accomplished the Learner’s Reference Number through online encoding.

I attended the three-day Municipal-Based Kalusugan Pangkalahatan Training Seminar at Batchelor East, Natividad, Pangasinan in October, and also a three-day seminar of Gender and Development at Urdaneta City in November.

From July to November, I conducted a regular learning and review sessions to my learners in preparation for the A&E Test.

By December, I was able to assist my learners to take the A&E Test at Binalonan, Pangasinan. Also, I was able to accomplish all the reports and requirements to be submitted to the Division Office on time.


Varied forms of teaching strategies were employed during the implementation of the program. Implementer used interactive modules and applied various approaches and mode of delivery such as face-to-face, group session, individual tutorial, guidance and counseling and the learning session approach.


To hasten the process of learning, I shouldered the reproduction of some of the modules and review materials for our learners. I also provided all of them with necessary school supplies facilitate the learning session process.


ALS Learning Modules
Accreditation and Equivalency Reviewers
Mobile Teacher Tool Kit
ALS Core Competencies
Functional Literacy Test Sheet
Basic Literacy Program Learning Modules
Reference books, booklets and pamphlets
White board & marker
Laptop computer

VII. PHYSICAL INPUTS – (Community Learning Center):

Natividad District is very lucky enough to have a Community Learning Center intended for ALS Learning Session at Natividad Central School. In other barangay, we seek the permission and assistance of school head or barangay official for us to utilize vacant classroom or barangay hall where we could conduct our learning sessions. In some instances especially in areas where school or community hall is not available, we occupy any space where session can be conducted.


Some of the learner especially adult learners are affected with their life problems and insecurities. They have their minds on so many things about their family life. The fact that they belong to indigent population attending classes at their age is no longer their top priority considering their economic status. Adult learners are often worried since they haven’t been in school for such a long time. Being the ALS Implementer, counseling, individualized attention, and plenty of encouragement help a lot in such situation.

Other problems encountered during the implementation of the program are the sustainability of the program with regards to its contact hours, absenteeism and laziness. The learners also come in the learning center according to their own flexible time that’s why Instructional Manager makes continuous repetition of the lesson. With regards to these problems, home visitation, tutorial, giving assignments and encouragement through relating personal experiences were the actions applied.


I therefore conclude that the ALS workforce in Natividad District & Local Government Unit should work hand in hand to promote the welfare of our learners in the implementation of its programs and projects. Every member of the community plays an important role for a wider coverage of the program.


To facilitate the smooth implementation of the program implementers must have the necessary training and orientation before taking the post. The agency or agencies concerned must provide complete set of learning modules, reviewers and all other necessary learning materials for the course. Multi-media based learning session must also be encouraged to upgrade the teaching and learning process.

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Annual Accomplishment Report

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