An Overview of the Famous Serial Killers and Their Crimes

There have been many famous serial killers in our time such as Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the ever famousZodiac Killer. There are some that are not so famous like AndreaChikatilo, Albert Fish, Carl Panorama and the Green River Killer. You mayhave heard of some of these killers. I am now going to tell you a littleabout them. I will start with the Green River Killer. Green River Killer The Green River Killer had 48 victims. He killed his victimsbetween 1982 to 1984 in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

It was believed thatthe killer was a white, middle-aged male. During his killing spree, heenjoyed leaving his victims near the banks of the Green River justoutside of Seattle, Washington. He killed women only; mostlyprostitutes, but occasionally he would kill a run away or evensometimes a hitch hiker. Some thought he retired from killing all of thesudden, others thought he moved away or died and some even thoughthe had been arrested for another crime. (1) No one knows for sure butpolice think he resurfaced in San Diego where ten more women werefound dead.

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Police then suspected an exlaw student, William J. Stevens the 111. He was arrested in 1989 and then was subsequentlyreleased. He later died of cancer. Steven s was an ex-con he hadover 30 aliases. Stevens also had a fully equipped ambulance plus apolice cruiser; according to authorities this made him more capable tobe able to pick up the women. Steven s brother claims that most of thealibis he used were false. Son of Sam Have you ever heard of the Son of Sam ? Well his real name is David Berkowitz.

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Between 1976 and 1977 he killed 6 people. He mostlykilled or wounded people sitting in their cars, which were usuallyparked. He also killed two women who were sitting on a stoop. In all hiscrimes he used a .44 caliber revolver. David killed two people in a carand left a written note which said I am the Son of Sam I am a littlebrat. This is how he got his nick name.(2) The name Sam came fromBerkowitz neighbor, Sam Carr. Berkowitz believed that his neighborwas a high demon and Carr transmitted his messages on who to killthrough his black Labrador retriever. Despite this, he was foundmentally competent to stand trial. He was sentenced to 300 years injail. Now on to one of the most famous killers ever this century TedBundy. Ted Bundy For the first 4 years of Ted s life he said he was the brother of hismother to hide the family s shame. When his mother got married, foundout that she was his mother. His mother showed no affection for him. He began to hate everything. He began to mutilate animals and spy ongirls in the neighborhood. He passed high school and went on tocollege. After a bad break up with his fiance, he went crazy. Hestarted to stalk women on the street in 1972.

In 1974, he seriously injureda woman in her apartment. A few weeks later he abducted a women inher apartment. He took her to a remote spot then raped, battered andkilled her. Posing as a student, or sometimes a security guard, he wouldkill more women over the next few years. Most of the women he killed insome way resembled his ex-fiancee. Ted moved around, killing in Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Colorado. Some witnesses reportedthat he drove very recklessly, which helped lead to the arrest of Bundyin 1975. Extradited to Colorado, he escaped from prison in 1977 and fledto Florida. In 1978, he raped and killed two college coeds. He alsowounded three others. With the police after him, he raped and killed hisvery last victim, an 11 year old girl. He was arrested a week later. In histrial in 1978 he claimed he was innocent, but despite his pleas ofharmlessness he was convicted of the Florida murders.

He was wedwhile on death row. After many failed appeals, he was executed byuse of the electric chair in 1989. MY next killer is very well known his name is Jeffrey Dahmer.Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee in 1960. Jeffrey was alonely and insecure child, who enjoyed studying chemistry, mutilatinganimals and was molested by the neighbor at 8 years old. Hecommitted his first murder in 1978, shortly after his parents got adivorce. In 1979, he joined the army and while stationed in Germanythere were many unsolved mutilation – murders near his base. In 1981, hewas discharged from the army for alcoholism. He went back to Milwaukee in 1986. He was soon arrested for exhibitionism. In 1988, heserved 10 months for fondling a minor. When he was released, herented an apartment and got a good job at a candy factory. Dahmers neighbors complained of noxious odors coming from hisapartment. Dahmer s excuse was my refrigerator broke and the meatspoiled and I am building a book case. In 1991, police responded to aneighbors call. They found an 11 year old Asian boy bleeding and nakedand all police said about it was he had a homosexual relationship. Theboy died later that night. Four more men and boys died. One more boyescaped and found a cop. The officers followed the boy to Dahmers apartment. Dahmer would get the boys drunk or drug them and thenphotograph them.

Then he would mutilate their bodies. He mostlytargeted Asian and African American men. He confessed to murder,necrophilia, and cannibalism. He pled insanity, but in 1992 was chargedwith 17 counts of murder. He received a life sentence. Now I am goingto tell you a little about Albert fish.Albert Fish Albert Fish was born in 1870 to a respected family in Washington, DC. His dad died when he was only five years old and he was sent tolive in an orphanage. He ran away a lot and wet his bed until he was 11 years old. He was always referred to and known as the problem child. His children first noticed unusual behavior after his wife left him. Hebegan to suffer from halucinations and became obsessed withreligious themes such as sin, sacrifice and atonement through pain. Heeven forced his own children to paddle his bare butt until he bled. Hedid many other things that are unmentionable because they are sosickening.

Albert was considered a compulsive molester. He claimedhe molested nearly 400 children. In 1928, a 12 year old named GraceBudd caught his attention and over time he earned the family s respectand confidence. He later received their permission to take Grace to abirthday party, but instead he took her to a cabin where he killed herand dismembered her body. Later he sent a letter to the family sayingthat he had killed their daughter. He was later arrested by police. Heconfessed to the murder and several other unsolved murders. The lastkiller on my list is John Wayne Gacy.John Wayne Gacy John Wayne Gacy JR. was born in Chicago in 1942. His alcoholicfather would beat him and call him a sissy. He injured his head, whichcaused him to have periodic black outs for many years after the injury. In 1968, he was a restaurant manager in lowa. He was arrested forsodomizing a young male employee and paying to have a witnessbeaten for testifying against him. This led to the break up of his firstmarriage. He remarried and settled in a Chicago suburb. He managedto keep his homosexuality a secret. He avoided a 1971 sodomy rapecharge when the witness didn t show up.

Gacy was a very importantman in the community, he entertained hospitalized children as Pogo the Clown. In 1972, he began to torture and then kill his victims. His victimswere all male and ranged in age from 9 to 27. He would promise hisvictims jobs as construction workers. He would then get them drunk,tie them down and chloroformed them. Each was violated. He wouldthen bury his victims in the crawl space under his house. Gacy s wifeleft him in 1978. In 1977, one victim survived and reported Gacy to the police, but they only charged him with a misdemeanor. A mother ofone of the missing men called police and said that Gacy had offeredher son a job. Police later searched his house and found 28 bodiesunder his house and five more by a nearby river. (3) In 1988, Gacy wassentenced to 21 life imprisonments and 2 death sentences. All he hasdone since is paint portraits of clowns in prison. Now it is time for thebest part of the whole report, the conclusion. Conclusion Many of the killers I have just told you about have had a bad life. Their parents molested, beat and abused them. Many killers don t feelsorry for what they have done to the victims. They felt that they aredoing a service. Just because they had a hard life gives them noreason to kill or even to justify what they have done. No matter whatthey think, it is still wrong to kill and injure others and to kill so manypeople is just sick. I ask everyone who reads this to see what hashappened to all of these people and learn from their examples andmistakes so you dont end up on death row right next to one of theseterrible men. Reference Page1.www.crass.com2. The Terrible Son of Sam by John Franks copy write 19683. Video Serial Killers copy write

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