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An evaluation of the issue of violence and the role of technology in schools

In this essay my focus is on the ideology of existentialism, one might like to know what this word means, how it impacts our daily lives and how it will assist us in addressing issues that we find our self’s facing such as the Zeerust incident (Gous, 2018) . According to (Crabbadon, 2007) existentialism is a philosophical approach in which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will. Which in my own understanding is having the freedom to do and perform what you think is best for you as an individual, doing what you believe in and sticking to your own opinions, knowing and understanding that as much as our focus is on existentialism we do have nihilists and we are both expected to live together and accept one another, in order for us to live in peace.

The Zeerust incident (Gous, 2018) is our main issue because it resulted in one losing their live but to name a few we will be talking about the three other incidents were a learner was found witha dangerous weapon in the school premises (Jordaan & Nkululeko Njilo, 2018), the other incident was a parent attacked a teacher (Anon.

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, A parent attacked a teacher at Leema Primary school) and lastlya pupil found with stab w ounds in a bathroom in North West (ANA, 2019) . A lot has changed over the years, violence has become part of our daily lives, it occurs in large numbers and it has even extended and spread to our schools where else in the past year’s schools were known to be a place where kids are safe where everyone knew each other and the older respected the young and the young respected the old no matter what.

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1iolence occurring in large numbers, different upbringings and acceptance of Nihilists.

But because a la rge number of people has become nihilists, people stopped caring about others, life and living become meaningless people kill people like they are nothing, we all see life differently and we all have our own unique meaning of life. In so saying there are h undreds of learners in one school all different and all raised differently by different people, the upbringing of a child does not only focus on the parents alone but a community that a child lives in also contribute largely to the upbringing of a child an d how a child will see life. Violent incident happens many times in this kids daily lives that it has become a norm it’s no longer scary to see a person die and because of technology this events are recorded no one has it in them to stop the event from hap pening at that instant moment. People have accepted nihilists behaviour in our communities, they see it pointless trying to live a good or worthwhile life.


behaviour, the use of technology and the impact of violence in schools. We should not only focus on learners but teachers as well because a behaviour is a result of an action that pushed a particular behaviour to occur. As teachers we have our lives outside school, we are parents and we face different daily challenges. You may find that a teacher mocks a learner in -class for low performance trying to incarnate the learner to work hard and excel in their school work. This learner then grows hatred towards the teacher, for instance looking at the incident that happened at Zeerust North West a ccording to source (Gous, 2018) it happened in full view of a class that was in process of writing an examination, Mokolobate allegedly reprimanded the learner on Wednesday for skipping the queue at the schools feeding programme and same learner who was re primanded killed the teacher on Thursday, In other words, it was planned because it happened a day later. This event was recorded by the learners, how? because no learner is allowed to bring technological devices during an examination, meaning the teache rs are not completely following the rules and doing what is expected of them as the leaders. Some are ignorant they ignore this little things, unaware of the huge impact it has on the learner’s education.

Loss of meaning of life

Learners do not respect their teachers nor follow their rules, but who is to blame because the same teachers do not follow their own rules, that is why their learners are in possession of technological devices during examinations. Learners carry dangerous weapons at the schools, where was the security when this occured? This events happen in the open, were other learners and teachers see and witness this scary events, how are they expected to perform to their full potential when the teachers are scared for their lives. This does not only have a negative impact on the teachers because if the teachers are not performing learners are negatively affected, cancelling will then be needed. It is said that teachers, learners and parents need to work together but how do we do that if the parents turn and beat up a teacher, according to a source (Anon., A parent attacked a teacher at Leema Primary school) a parent attacked a teacher at Lemma Primary School in Tlhatlhanyane outside Rustenburg on February 22. Itumeleng L izbeth Letsepe allegedly beat grade 3 teacher Mpuseng Sepotokele with an umbrella at the school gate as she wanted to teach her a lesson, Letsepe was arrested for assault with intention to cause grievous bodily harm.


With the assistance o f existentialism the teachings of humanity and content could be combined to guide and change peoples perspectives about the meaning of life. Through existentialism education rule setters could re -evaluate their set rules and support teachers and learners e qually. They must allow teachers to freely solve situations as they see fit and lastly there must be regular unexpected visits in schools. With the use of existentialism everyday challenges of teachers could be kept to the minimum.


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