How To Stop Violence In Schools Essay

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How To Stop Violence In Schools

We all know there is violence in schools. Like in the past a couple of years there has been many shootings in school and I wonder how we could stop that. We could have a police officer on campus at all times. We could also have a group of students be a crime watch team. But the most important is to have kids be in a non-violent environment at home.

If schools would have a police officer there, it would stop most violence because he knows all of the laws. When anything suspicious happened, he could investigate the situation. If he found resulting in violence, he could give the person punishment, so the situation doesn’t result in violence.

Schools with crime watch teams would probably have a lower violence rate because there would be more people trying to stop violence. The school could have some of the students that get good grades and have them look for violence in schools.

The most important way to avoid violence in schools isn’t even something at school. The students need to have a non-violent environment at home. They need parents that show positive attitudes because everyone learns from their environment and if its good there more likely to do good things. If it’s bad they’ll probably do bad and violent things.

Well now you know some ways violence could be stopped in schools. So spread the information because we don’t want any innocent students getting hurt or even dying.

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