An Analysis of Immigration's Threat to the Country of Canada

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Immigration is described as, permanently coming into a specific country. Immigrants have immigrated because they are eager and hope for a better future. There are many reasons to immigrate to Canada. One of the many reasons may be, because of the excellent education, health care and working conditions. Education attracts many immigrants because Canadas education is very well skilled and advanced. Many immigrants have difficulty speaking English, so they are taught in “Canadian way.” Canada has the most developed and amazing health care.

Many mothers who immigrate take the advantage of that and their children are vaccinated. That is actually a positive thought because those children may have a disease from where they’ve came from. Such diseases include measles, diphtheria and polio.

Another reason may be because the amount of population Canada has. Canada is the second largest country in the world and the population is around thirty million people. More than 200 000 new immigrants enter Canada and these backgrounds/cultures make Canada multicural.

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Canada offers many positions for immigrates including, visa programs for employed, self employed and businessmen. As well, Canada is neighbors with USA, which provides great trade. There are many positive outcomes to becoming an Canadian including, applying for a Canadian passport and you have the right to vote. As stated in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, once you are a landed immigrant you have all the rights of a Canadian citizen.

The threat immigration poses to the world is illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is defined as, living in a country without the governments permission.

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To legally come into a country you need to meet the terms under the country. One of the reasons why people illegally enter Canada is because of the health care. In most parts of the world, there is a fee for health care, but Canada has free health care. Many people will illegally come into Canada for the free health care. Another reason is because they want to find better opportunities, such as jobs and a better education. Many immigrants come to Canada for their family and most people will do anything to be with their family, including illegally immigrating.

What is currently being done to stop about illegal immigration is not enough. The government has increased the security check, such as more guards. In addition, we check for ID. You cannot get anywhere or do anything without ID.

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