An Analysis of a Passage Describing Paper Figures That Belonged to Otto Fuchs

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This passage left an impression of me because of the imagery used. The description of these paper figures that belonged to Otto Fuchs allowed me to really picture what they looked like as well as put me in the mood and feel of Christmas time out in Nebraska. From the description given, these dolls gave the otherwise average Christmas in Nebraska a magical feeling, though also a comforting sense of home and coziness. The in-depth description gave life to an otherwise slightly boring scene and caused me to really look for any other hidden imagery in the chapter.

This sentence is simple yet powerful. Not only does the author use unique syntax that takes ahold of the mind, she gives life to the sentence by saying that the words were not "worn dull" almost as if they are animate objects, as opposed to simple speech. In addition, this sentence seems to truly capture the essence of the grandfather and his quiet nature, stopping him from fading completely into the background because of that quietness.

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This unique use of syntax and imagery really caused me to stop and analyze what the author was trying to communicate to the audience about the grandfather and his personality.

This sentence made an impression on me because it stuck out from the previous sad, mournful passages I had been reading for the past few chapters. It brought a more cheerful and light atmosphere to the book, dragging me out of the depressing stupor I had fallen into.

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The imagery used is also spectacular and rather unusual when speaking of the "big puppy" and gave a unique but playful feel to the sentence. I also enjoyed the diction used, from the word "throb" to "vital" to "essence" because they gave a specific feel to the passage, rather than using common, overused words. The unique use of diction and imagery in this passage really changed the feeling of the book and allowed me to really feel what spring was like that year in Nebraska.

I really enjoyed this description of Mrs. Cutter because of the truly frightening image it gives me in my head. When Jim describes her like this, it is easy for me to see how the children around town would be scared of her, and how she handled such an uppity husband. I like how she is described as "raw-boned" because that's not a description you see often and really grabbed my attention and made me think about what this woman would look like.

There is also something about the way she is described and what words and phrases are used that hints at the time period that this is set in without being too upfront and coming straight out and telling the readers. Overall this description is captivating and really allows me to be put in the story and imagine such a terrifying lady in the eyes of children such as Jim.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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