All Approaches to Parenting Have Similarities

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Seeing the three different views in videos, on different beliefs based on how mothers think is the best way to raise their children. These mothers each give different methods on parenting styles and raising children when they also have children of their own. All of these approaches to raising a child have a similarity. These methods share in common which is they want their children to grow in life. Prepare them for the world when reality comes along. Just to enjoy themselves, be happy and have a healthy mindset.

One of the techniques on parenting is being a tiger mom, which Amy Chua explains in an interview with John Stossel. As a mother, she wants her children to be held at a higher standard and think of self-worth. Trying to convey the message on how true self-esteem, self-confidence, and values has to be earned to lead to success in life. In her interview, she mentions the 3 secrets to success which is exceptionality, insecurity, and impulse control.

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She believes that it is the parent’s job to give children the tools and the ability to focus, so it will be easier in the long run. Being a tiger mom is pushing their kids to success, and controlling their children's decisions to make the right choices in life. Protection is a downside with free of risks is making the child vulnerable to the world. Children being raised by tiger parenting either dislike it or have the drive to succeed higher than the normal standards.

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Another method shown in a different video by Julie Lythcott-Haims is helicopter parenting. This is a different process of a parenting style compared to being raised by tiger moms. At the beginning of the video, Julie Lythcott-Haims points out what is the flaws parents are making when raising their child. She starts off by disagreeing with today’s parenting style in teaching kids to grow up. Julie doesn’t agree when parents think that their child can't be successful unless the parent is protecting, preventing, hovering, and steering their child towards certain colleges and careers. That a child doesn’t need a checklist childhood where parents focus on perfection for their academic success in schools, to not make wrong decisions and ruin their own future. With this parenting style, there isn’t any room or free time to just enjoy life to its fullest and have fun. It is ruining our children and depriving them of building success.

Her meaning behind this parenting style is that parents should worry less on every grade or scores that are received. Try not to perfect their child academic skills. Put more of that concern and interests into providing a principle for success and preparing their children to be ready for the world, and reality where ever they go. Starting kids at a young age on chores to set them up to know what the true meaning of hard work is. By giving love to your child, to let them know you matter and care about them. Those students going into college do not need to worry about getting into a major brand name college just to be happy and successful. That doesn’t matter on what college you go to or flunk out, it isn't the end of the world as long as you are successful in your own life. Children without going according to parents checklist, will experience the true meaning of life and find their own desires. The right parenting style is a parent needs to provide love, support, strengthen and nurture to their children.

The last video is about the study of human development from Helen Pearson. How she has findings of life and parenting tips throughout all of this research for the past 70 years. This is different from the other two videos from parenting styles by talking about the science of parenting. In the beginning, Helen introduces the study about recording thousands of babies in certain time periods which started in 1946. Scientist began the next research in 1958, 1970, 1990, and about 2000. The results were more than 70,000 children were involved in this investigation in these five generations. Britain has built up so much research information that is over 6,000 papers and books, and tissue samples such as over 9,000 placentas.

One of her findings throughout this study was don’t be born into poverty or disadvantage because you may live a difficult life and have struggles than others. This means that our early childhood has an influence on the rest of our lives whether your rich or poor. There will be bad outcomes such as bad grades, less money, unhealthy, overweight, high blood pressure, failing memory, and die early. These young kids at an early age in the study who grew up in poverty were a year behind on educational tests compared to the wealthy children. On the other hand, not every person who ends up being poor or has a disadvantage will end up in a difficult situation which they could actually turn out doing great.

There is a reason that Helen Pearson mentions that parents matter in children's lives. Parents have an influence if they are engaged and interested in children who have a goal in life, so these kids won't have the struggle to start in life. Just doing the basics can have an impact like talking, listening, teaching and reading to them. Bedtime routines, such as going to bed at a regular time or different times can also take into effect with behavioral problems. The whole study shows that poverty and parenting matter. To show that parents care and value their children. Just want their kids to be happy and have a desire to thrive in life. For conclusion, children will choose their own path in life and have different experiences in their lives, such as if their parents are involved in the child's life. This is a helpful tip in raising a child at an early age.

There are different methods that produce a successful young person but it isn't always justified. Not every parent uses the same method to raise their children to become successful. Every child is different and needs some type of parenting type and approach to raise a child. There is a certain way that scientists feel like is proven the right way to raise a child. Not every adult feels comfortable doing that to produce their child to be great in life. Oprah Winfrey’s parents might have a different technique than Steve Job’s parents into raising their own child. Not every method is justified for their child to be the person they are today. My definition of being a successful young person is to strive above average, have goals, ambitions, and visions helping you in life. All of these components can be a guide to be happy and have a healthier mindset for your future.

Updated: May 09, 2022
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