After the Onset of Old Age We Continue to Live

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As the population gets older as people are living longer in life and they work their jobs until they reach retirement. They reach that age of retirement they want to think about what they will do with the rest of their lives, not just sitting at home and collection their pensions. People of retirement age want to do so much more with their lives after they retire like join clubs that are strictly for their own age group, or go traveling with their spouse/ significant others to another country or different places across the country from state to state.

They are joining the rest of the world online and joining social networking groups to build a group of friends online to meet different people from all walks of life, that have something in common that they may have.

They want to the same type of freedom as everyone else of younger age the same rights of belonging to something as everyone else, don’t want to be excluded from anything just because they are of advanced age.

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People of age are posting photos of things they like and enjoy or they are video chatting with friends and their family. Social helps people get in touch with the world and reconnected with old friends they haven’t seen in a very long time. Seniors can do anything everyone else are capable of doing and don’t want to be treated like helpless individuals, just because they are reaching over 60 doesn’t mean they are cut off from the rest of the world or not count as being or being out of touch with the rest of the world, since others don’t think they would be knowledgeable about certain things if they are unfamiliar with what would be something knew to them, they are not able or have the patients to learn something new, that others know how to do or they can learn at a much faster paste sometimes.

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But with age comes years of experience of being in the world and learning others skills to expanding your mind as an older human being. Just because a person is retired doesn’t mean they are not capable of doing anything else with the rest of their lives. There had retired to start their own business, that is something that I would love to do someday. They don’t want to be treated as being older and helpless human beings, no one wants to be treated that way, not the elder or the elderly that are disabled, want to do as much as they possibly can to keep up with the rest of the population in continuing on with their daily lives, going places with family or meeting friends holding onto a social life, not just sitting at home being bored and doing nothing that is functional for them.

There are schools that are strictly for elderly adults that teach them how to use the computer for the very first time and they have been shown how to do such much like surfing the internet, how to use certain computer programs and learn how to type and send emails, if they are not so familiar with that and they want to learn a new skill, they can carry on if they maybe want to maintain their business keeping it competing making the way they do things within the company up to date and out of the dark ages. Learning something new that they have never got a chance to learn back in the days or new and sophisticated technology that never been around when they younger.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021
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