Advertising - the Main Cause of Unhealthy Eating Habits

Nowadays, the advertisement is becoming so vast. Everybody in our society watching TV or searching additional information on internet and every day we meet with advertising. Generally, advertising plays an irreplaceable role in luring people to buy food and thus contributes to unhealthy eating habits. However, advertising is not the main purpose of these unhealthy eating habits. There are others factors to buy unhealthy eating habits, such as, increasing stress of work, less time for taking a good meal. Therefore I’m in disagreement with the statement.

Firstly, people every time are in a fast rhythm of life, they hasten of their work at the morning, than searching a little period of time to have a lunch and after hardworking day they hasten to their homes to have a little rest, in this regard, coming home, they gorge on the night, which has also a very bad effect on the body.

So some people gradually form a habit of eating a lot of food merely to stuff their stomach when they are not really hungry.

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This is something like a defense response of body. I believe, nowadays, people form bad eating habits partly owing to the hurry in their daily life. The second cause of malnutrition is a wrong concept of healthy eating. Many of the girls trying to be thin restrict themselves from sweet and calorie products, but also from the products that can actually be very healthy. Accordingly, one crucial cause of unhealthy eating habits is the wrong concept of beauty in modern society rather than advertisements.

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In conclusion, advertising is not the main cause of unhealthy eating habits. Working stress, wrong concept of beauty and lack of time for dinners also lead to unhealthy eating habits.

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Advertising - the Main Cause of Unhealthy Eating Habits

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