The Eating Habits In My Country Is Bett

The eang habits in my country is beer than another country because sll does not have a lot of
fast food restaurant and the people are more tradional. Actually, in my country we do not have a
lot of fast food restaurant. We have only two restaurants that are famous that is Mc Donald’s and
Burger King. In fact, the fast food restaurant usually is expensive. Maybe, that is why our eang
habits in my country are beer.

Generally in my country the people are more tradional. Somemes we prefer to eat the food
that makes our grandmother. The family usually wants to eat foods that is healthier of course I do
not talk for everybody but the majority prefer that kind of foods. In addion, people are sll very
careful with the food that going to eat. Maybe, that is the reason we do not have a lot of diseases
in my country and the eang habits are beer.

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I am think that I am a moody person and also I am ambious. The people always say me that
somemes I feel happy and then I feel unhappy. They do not understand me that is something
impossible to me to change that personality. I know that I usually have a bad-tempered. For me it
is di+cult to change but is part of me!

Generally my mom say that I am very ambious because I always want to win or I want more
things. I think it is true I always want more things and when I have it I feel good. The ambious that
I have is not bad I only to aspire to achieve great things or seek what will sasfy myself. I always do
something to achieve my goals and dreams. Maybe, that is why I am an ambious person because I
always look for something beer for myself.

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