Advertising Influences on Teens

Are advertisements aimed at teenagers effective? Yes, I do think that they are being aimed effectively. The reason why I think they are is being the advertisements are trying to get teenagers attention and they do so by advertising things teenagers enjoy. Are advertisements aimed at teenagers ethical? No I don't think that advertisements are aimed at teenagers ethically because the people making the advertisements don't care about ethics they are just trying to sell a product by making it more appealing to teenagers by any means necessary.

I believe that advertisements should be about what they are selling and to everyone not just teens. In Tuning in Teens: Businesses Intensify Pitch for ’Savviest Generation Ever' the story is trying to tell you that the only opinion at the beginning that matter was the teens. According to the text 'Demographics help explain the latest kowtowing to teen tastes the teen population has grown twice as fast the overall population in the last decade.

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They’re also easier to reach than ever via the Internet, the biggest marketing boon since the bulk-mail rate.' So how can advertisements be ethical if their not trying to sell the items because it's a necessity, but instead their selling it to make a profit. And teens are the easiest to persuade and easier to reach via internet thy even have teens to tell them what they would want to buy. that's just no where near a resemblance of something ethical.

Although the products being marketed vary, the techniques and images used to sell them are generally the same.

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The focus has changed from the product to the consumers sense of self-worth and success. On the negative spectrum of the scale, some of the visual imagery used to sell products is sexually driven and misleading as most are computer-generated or associate a positive emotion with a product. In order to warn the public of such content, television programming is forced to adhere to disclaimers at the beginning of shows where questionable matter is included. For advertising, however, no such warning exists. Due to the lack of advisories, advertisement's effect on the youth is a particularly hot button issue.

In conclusion yes, these advertisements are effective in getting teens' attention because it is aimed to do so. They use all of their resources to find what makes teens tick and how to make a profit from doing so. So that brings me to the other question is it aimed ethically no its not, if it was so good why not advertise it to all age group and not just teens? why do they use so many resources to get our attention to persuade us? I personally think its all about profit and have absolutely nothing to do with ethics.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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