A View on Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

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Michael Crichton the author of the book and film franchise Jurassic Park chose the title “Jurassic Park” because of how the title foreshadows the creatures in the novel running loose, the events that unfold on the island leading to the dinosaurs roaming, and the choice of the main character Alan Grant because of the perspective he will bring on this project.

The title foreshadows the creature used in the novel by naming the title after the time period the dinosaurs that has been brought back to life were in.

Where the dinosaurs are placed and is created is where the dinosaurs are roaming as if living as they were back then and doing them usual things and because of the dinosaurs roaming it is considered a park for the dinosaurs from the Jurassic time period. For example the Brontosaurus that appeared during the late Jurassic time period. Also the dinosaurs running free is essentially is corresponding to a living space where can do whatever

On the island, the event that unfold has contributed the title being “Jurassic Park” are very sardonic to the title.

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Nedry’s action of attempt to steal the embryos and being killed by a miniature dinosaurs, has crashed the computer system that has been installed, which eventually has led to dinosaurs escaping and roaming freely and some has even gone a killing spree. With the dinosaurs on the loose it has sort of become a park almost a play area for the ancient creatures. As they try to get the system back up they have experience events that will leave one of the main characters Alan Grant frenzied.

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As a paleontologist Alan Grant has been researching digging and studied dinosaurs. The reason the author chose Alan as one of the main character is because Alan’s paleontologist recollections and analysis will contribute to bring the dinosaurs to life, and with the scientific information he possesses he understand and knows the ways of the dinosaurs. As one of the people working on this project he is more level and cool headed. Even during the dinosaur attacks the remain cool head and was able to get Gennaro to take responsible for his action and to find the raptor nest by yelling.

In Conclusion, the author chose the title “Jurassic Park” because of how the title foreshadows the creatures such as dinosaurs in the novel, the events that unfold on the island before the dinosaurs are run loose and the choice of the main character Alan Grant because of his background on dinosaurs.

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