A Study of Zeus God of Thunder

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Zeus. (Latin Jupiter) was a good God because of what he stood for and what he did. Zeus was lord of the sky, father of both Gods and man. protector of both and watcher over justice. Zeus was loved by mortals and respected ruler of all. Zeus was king of the Olympians and his supremacy was never challenged. He ruled with love and kindness. Zeus was ruler of all, and lord of the sky. He was the rain God and cloud gatherer.

The Winds obeyed him, and the clouds scattered at his command. Zeus ordered the alteration of day and night and the seasons succeeded at his command. Most of all, the burst of a thunderstorm made his presence felt as a thunder God interested in the affairs of mankind. Zeus was the lord of the very things that helped mankind. Night as a period of rest, summer, spring and fall as harvest for food and winter as the death of the crops.

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This death was always a reminder that all things mortal die, thus telling the people to live with joy through their lives. Zeus bid the gentle rain to fall and fertilized the fields and meadows. Zeus was a life barrier to the Earth and its inhabitants and a necessary part of their everyday lives. Zeus was the life giver to the people. He was the father of both Gods and men. although did not create either. He was a father in the sense of being the protector and ruler of both the Olympian family and of the human race.

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He preserved and ruled the world. Zeus was believed by the people to posses of almost every form of power and endued With great Wisdom.

Zeus observed attentively the general intercourse and dealing of people-everywhere demanding and rewarding uprightness, truth, faithfulness, and kindness; everywhere punishing wrong, falseness, faithlessness, and cruelty. As the eternal father of man, Zeus was believed to be benevolently at the call of the poorest and most forsaken, the homeless beggar looked to him as a merciful guardian who punished the heanless and delighted to reward pity and sympathy, In him domain over the human race he was partial to justice and there was seemingly no limit to his goodness and love. Zeus was partial to the good and just. He himself was the observer of justice and watched the administration of law and justice in the state.

He lent his majesty to kings and protected them in the exercise of sovereignty, Zeus kept peace and order for the people and they looked to him for their happy lives. Instead of a violent barbaric society, in the hands of this powerful ruler. the people lived in a civil and friendly place. Zeus was a good God. He gave the people their necessities protected and preserved mankind and Earth. Zeus gave the people a reason to live, Although he has been seen as a poor example of a God because of his affairs with mortal woman, many mortals delighted in the fact that their lineage could have been traced back to him. Zeus was good to mankind and therefore we cannot be fair to call him anything but good.

Updated: May 07, 2023
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