A Reflection of the Important Life Lessons

It is so easy to live each day taking life for granted. It’s so easy to look at something as ironic rather than it being a sign. It’s so easy to make mistakes and not learn from them. I will never be able to comprehend and accept that it isn’t until unfortunate things happen or are close to happening that you truly appreciate things and learn a little more. These occurrences that change someone’s mindset are inevitable.

I didn’t think my occurrence would ever happen to me especially on that humid, rainy night in July. After my parents divorced nothing was the same and that’s to say the least. I didn’t wallow in self-pity or lose interest but I definitely faced and was given many more challenges as a result.

My dad was dealing with a copious amount of stress between the divorce and taking on additional hours in order to take care of my brother Joseph and I.

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It was a great deal for all of us and amidst all the chaos, I remember a feeling of guilt for not showing my parents how much I loved and appreciated them while they were together. Fortunate enough for me, in the process of adapting to this major modification of having separated parents, I met my girlfriend Elanie. I had just closed Elanie’s door for her when I began to jog around the hood of the car with a “doggy bag” covering my head in an attempt to avoid as much rainfall as possible.

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As I entered the driver’s seat, I leaned forward and turned the key while a mixture of sweat and rain trickled down my cheeks until it would drip off at the jaw. I turned on my windshield wipers even though they were of minimal assistance. Because of the heavy rainfall I decided to take the longer way home to avoid rough terrain.

I was being cautious so my absolute vision was intact with the road but I could still see from my peripherals Elanie’s glowing stare at me. Little did I know how much I was going to learn and change. One moment I was paying attention to the swish noise my tires made and rainfly off them and through all their indents as I am driving. The next moment the rain furtively caused my tires to go unstable causing the car to spin out and crash. Before I even had time to react it was all over. “Elanie!”, I immediately thought to myself. She was still in her seat now hollering in agony. When I realized she had broken her arm, I felt a sense of relief but still acted fast by calling my grandfather who took her to the hospital. This incident was that unfortunate event that influences my life each and every day by challenging me to truly value and appreciate everything I have especially the people who love and support me.

This event made me realize how easily something can be taken away from you and how important it is to be serious and safe on the road. It’s hard to appreciate a safe car ride because people don’t think accidents occur as likely as they do which is disappointing due to the fact that many life are at risk when you operate an automobile such as other drivers, pedestrians, passengers, and most importantly, your own. The result of this situation was a fortunate outcome to say the least. I learned an extremely valuable lesson and reality check. “Every book you pick up has its own lesson or lessons, and quite often the bad books have more to teach than the good ones.” This quote by Stephen King I find very relatable not only to the situation I went through this July but in every mistake and negative thing I may come across in life because it helps me to learn from it and try to make a positive from a negative. However, throughout all this I also realized how upsetting it is that you have to deal with misfortunate or compare your misfortune to others to feel better about the situation. In conclusion, I have realized how much value life truly holds and how nothing should be taken for granted.

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