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A Modest Proposal For The Homeless People

When you walk the streets of downtown, all you see is smelly, dirty homeless people begging for money. All they do is take up all the space on the sidewalks with their cardboard signs, annoying people while they walk by homeless people because they scary and harmful. Instead of them trying to find a job, they’re always asking for money and when they do get money they never use it on food and water, they’ll most likely spend it on drugs.

Homeless people make our city look horrible, dirty and poor which gives us a bad reputation. They’re a burden on our society and something needs to be done about it. There is no reason such dirty people should be a part of what seems to be a clean society. The homeless are bringing down the look of this society. The look they are giving our environment is a poor, dirty, uninviting look.

As a proposal, they should be forced to work extra hard so the higher class of society don’t have to work extremely hard.

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After all the homeless is taking up all the space, so they might as well do all the dirty work that no one has an interest in doing, to get it over with. Maybe that will make them seem like a less of a burden. If that doesn’t work we can just ship them off to an island for the homeless so we don’t have to worry about them anymore.

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But it would make sense to put these people in some type of imprisonment too. So that’ll clean up the streets as well. With help from these proposals there should be no reason for such terrible dirty people to continue to be a part of our society. Once the homeless is gone, the city will become inviting, and appealing to visitors, might even make some want to stay.

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A Modest Proposal For The Homeless People

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