A lick of genius Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUEA

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A lick of genius: Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUEA 27-year-old artist from China learns from his family to paint by using tongueDipping his tongue in the coloured ink, he licks and twists to create patternsHe said the tradition can be harmful to his body and should be done carefullyBy Tiffany Lo For Mailonline Published: 02:27 AEDT, 28 April 2017 | Updated: 04:43 AEDT, 28 April 2017 e-mail5shares2View commentsAn artist in China has showcased his painting skills to members of the public yesterday in eastern China.

Han Xiaoming, 27, painted using his tongue instead of using a traditional Chinese brush. He dipped his tongue in the ink and licked the paper before then twisting and tilting his tongue to form strokes. +6 Han Xiaoming (pictured) demonstrated how to use his tongue to paint on paper yesterday in Zhejiang, China+6 Han spent 20 minutes and completed his work, named as 'The Black Peony'Han told MailOnline that he finished the painting in around 20 minutes.ADVERTISINGThe painting is named 'The Black Peony', with black ink as the main colour with subtle hints of yellow and blue.

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'She Hua' meaning 'tongue painting', is a unique art skill that has been passed on for years in Han's family.RELATED ARTICLESPrevious1NextMotorist is caught driving a truck with just half a cabin on...Is this China's secret weapon against Kim? Beijing's latest...Triplets chase after their father's car as he leaves for...Never-before-seen footage of China's nuclear missile...Share this articleShareHan, from Lanxi city, Zhejiang Province, said in the interview that the skill of tongue painting has almost disappeared in China.

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His great-grandfather started tongue painting when he was small and Han is now the fourth generation in the family honing the skill.+6 Han said his great-grandfather started 'tongue painting' and he is the fourth heir in the family+6 Yellow ink is made out of realgar, an arsenic sulfide mineral, to create the yellow colourThe ink is harmful to the human body, as Han uses materials such as black ink and realgar, an arsenic sulfide mineral.The ink can only be removed using white wine, but it is a long process to wash them off completely.'The ink can make my throat hurt and it will upset my stomach if I swallow a bit by accident,' Han said.Therefore, Han only paints using his tongue on rare occasions. The self-employed artist mostly makes dough figurines and also does sugar painting, a traditional folk art using hot liquid sugar to create figures.+6 The 27-year-old artist said the ink can cause pain in his throat and stomach if he swallows +6 The ink stains on his tongue and can only be removed by white wine, Han told MailOnlineArt gallery buyers approached to Han in 2007 and offered 200,000 to 300,000 yuan (Ј22k - Ј34k) for his 'tongue paintings', but he refused.'An art professor contacted me yesterday and asked if I can teach the students but I turned down the offer,' said Han.He explained that tongue painting is too dangerous to learn and it is not recommended to teach to a large group of students. Although Han wants to keep this Chinese tradition as a pride for his family, web users on Chinese social media did not appreciate much of Han's performance.'QY' said: 'It's not a big deal really. The story would be much more encouraging if he lost his hands and learn to paint using his tongue.'Another user 'Boreas' did not see his paintings beautiful as 'he did not have much talent in drawing'.'Eww! now the painting is full of saliva, and it stinks!' said one user. AdvertisementRead more: Chinese social mediaShare or comment on this article: Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUE e-mail5sharesby TaboolaSponsored LinksYOU MAY LIKEIf You Have a Computer This Game is a Must-Have!Total Battle - Online Strategy GameRemember Her? Try Not To Gasp When You See Her 20 Years After JAGMiss Penny StocksInvisible Hearing Aids? Free Trial in Salisbury.Hearing Planet AustraliaThere Are 10 Types of Irish Last Names - Which One Is Yours?Ancestry"People With 5-49 Vehicles Have Discovered This Tracking SystemExpert MarketDiscover The Superannuation Trick That Allows Aussies To Save Big On Life InsuranceLife Insurance ComparisonHow To Start Your Own Profitable Amazon Business!A-Z Formula4 Dating Sites that Actually Work for FreeTOP Australian Dating Sites8 Motorcycles Riders Are Excited to See in 2019Forbes.comMost watched News videos Embed this Enormous rat stuck in a manhole is saved by German animal rescueHow to help your child deal with the 'Momo challenge'Puppy pile! Very tolerant cat gets overdose of adorable...Celtic fans chant Brendan Rodgers should die from 'IRA...Jealous husky drag away its puppy to so it can cuddle its ownerSuspect shoots at a group of people on the street in the BronxMassive explosion after train crashes into Cairo train stationGMB presenters in hysterics after Kate Garraway makes... Holby City actor turns to father of rapper who killed his... Nearly two-thirds of Millennial homeowners regret buying... US offers a $1 million reward for Osama Bin Laden's son... 'They should wait until they've sorted out Brexit!' Fury... One lucky winner claims massive $40MILLION Powerball... Brexiteer Tory MPs will back Theresa May's revised Brexit... Bizarre moment a female Mercedes driver parks her luxury... Trump 'DID order chief of staff John Kelly to give... Shamima Begum flees from jihadi death threats': ISIS... The man who put SEX into symphonies: To Brits, he was... 'Worst year ever': One in five children are set to miss... EXCLUSIVE: Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis claims Thomas... US-Somali cop who shot dead an Australian woman in her... The dangerous lure of the mountains: Escaping her... Kim Jong Un answers foreign reporters' questions for the... Rambler stumbles on gold coins worth Ј3,000 in rusty... Sailors in tiny Royal Navy patrol boat face down massive... 'This can't be true': Father who won $40MILLION Powerball... MOST READ NEWSPreviousNext—Џ—Џ—Џ—Џ Comments 2 Share what you think NewestOldestBest ratedWorst ratedThe comments below have not been moderated.The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Loading...We are no longer accepting comments on this article.More top storiesBingSite Web Enter search term:Search

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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