The Use of Charchoal Ink

Charcoal one of the earliest known forms of ink, was used as early as 30,000 BC. The first of its use documented in the continent of Europe. It may be a bit primitive to these modern times but still very useable for those who want to try it. The recipe of making it however is similar to those inks made by ancient civilizations such as the ink used by the Ancient Egyptians. We propose to make charcoal ink as a statement to increase of those in the Philippines who are experiencing poverty.

Since the materials we are using are very cheap and easy to acquire we hope that this will help them to make a substitute for pens and other writing materials.

The procedure itself is also very basic and is moderately easy to make as long as you follow the guidelines correctly to provide you with satisfy ink. School Supplies such as Whiteboard marker Ink and other writing materials are very essential to everyone; we can use it in many aspects such as; Doing Reports, beautification of projects and a lot more.

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Particularly the students and teachers which are needy of those in their school works. Market is very important for any student or teacher regardless to which field they belong to, it is just as important as a pen or pencil is to any student or teacher. But to talk of their use it is not hidden that they are not only useful in education sector but is also much useful for peoples in Commercial and Art sector.

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Is there an Important difference between the Whiteboard marker ink out of Charcoal and Used engine oil and the commercialize whiteboard marker ink

ALTERNATIVE: There is an important difference between a commercial Whiteboard Marker Ink and a Whiteboard Marker Ink out of Charcoal and Used Engine oil.

NULL: There is no important difference between a commercial Whiteboard Marker Ink out of Charcoal and Used Engine.


To promote recycling by recreating materials through used engine oil and charcoal
To produce a less expensive whiteboard marker ink
To see the difference between the commercialized whiteboard marker inks and the produced whiteboard marker inks.
To still make use of used engine oil from cars and use other materials that are commonly seen around the house.

Scope and limitation
This study focuses to make a Whiteboard Marker Ink out of Charcoal and used Engine. This project is concentrated to find out the important difference between a commercial Whiteboard Marker Ink out of Charcoal and Used Engine. The researchers will only have three trials to compare its findings. This study is only limits in making a Whiteboard Marker Ink not in any other markers.


The importance of this study is that, through making this, we can promote recycling and reusing of wastes just like what we will be doing to used engine oil and charcoal. We would also promote the importance of finding alternatives to products, such as the saving of money. Most of all, with the success of this project, we may be able to motivate other people to do the same, that people may be able to see what we can do with waste products and that they may be provided with knowledge that they can make something out of those trashes, and therefore, be able to save our surroundings. This is to help the students and teachers in our society to acquire an affordable source of Whiteboard Marker Ink needed in their school works as well as people in commercial and art sector for their presentation and dissemination of their products to their customers or client. In the ancient times, people have used their own ways writing, coming informs of carving , using colored liquids such as oil, and even making use of improvised sticks and stones. The most common evidence of this is the hieroglyphics found inscribed in caves. After a while, these people felt a need for change and improvement, so they have tried several ways to create something that they could write with more efficiently and effectively.

The people’s growing curiosity about these things eventually motivated them to the advancement and modernization that we are still experiencing today. Now, in modern times, we have all sorts of writing materials such as mechanical pencils, colored markers and different kinds of pens. But the one we are focusing one is the whiteboard marker, a marker that can be erased with just simple wiping, causing it to be the most favourable writing tool for teaching alongside with chalk, but, it also has it’s disadvantage such as its affordability as the whiteboard marker ink is expensive .So in this study, we have come up with a simple, cheap alternative to the whiteboard marker ink. The reviewer of the literature for this study focuses on procedures used for proving the feasibility of Charcoal and Used Engine Oil as an alternative whiteboard marker ink and what similarities and differences between the two has. The review focuses on identifying the advantages and disadvantages, if any, of making an alternative whiteboard marker ink out of the said materials.

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The Use of Charchoal Ink

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