'A Hunger Artist' by Franz Kafka

The story known as 'A Hunger Artist'​,​ written by Kafka​,​ tries to make sense of how to press huge philosophical inquiries concerning human behaviors to certain things and the importance of existing in today’s world into a moderately reduced story​.​ ​The author's decision of demonstrating starvation raises the topic of what distincts people from living creatures​.​ At specific times during the demonstration​,​ ​the artist is glorified as one who has risen above real human needs into a higher​,​ flawless reality​,​ or ideal existence as others would claim​.

​ ​The only issue is​,​ it's not certain whether the demonstrator starves himself by his very own decision​,​ or in light of the fact that he has a sensitive stomach and is disgusted by most meals​.

However​,​ even though it is true that the hungers artist’s furious self-esteem in his specialty to starve himself motivates him to exalt his fasting​,​ it in fact starts to prevent him for accomplishing his goals overtime since it impairs his relationship​,​ or association with others around him​.

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​ He looks prideful at his jutting rib cage​,​ yet his bizarre body pushes away the ladies who tried to carry him out from his cage toward the finish of his fasting demonstration​. Because of these circumstances​,​ his deprived body is what guarantees he will never be cherished and gain respect by the general society surrounding him​.​ The pride within the hunger artist dismisses himself from others and sets him in a direction deeper into himself and he strengthens his isolation from everyone by detaining himself in a cage and contemplating steadily​.

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​ Instead of pride ensuring the hunger artist popularity​,​ it instead establishes lack of clarity​.

In conclusion​,​ while he performs his demonstration​,​ he never comes out successful in indefinite fasting​. ​As this brings him consistent dissatisfaction​, ​he never seems to grasp the idea that the life he concludes he must give up is the variable for the satisfactory he longs to get​.​ An example of this is when he his replaced in the cage by a panther​.​ Despite the fact that it is caught in an enclosure​,​ the animal appears to require nothing because it doesn’t need anything​,​ unlike the artist​.

In my opinion​,​ the theme that I interpreted from the story is that he represents anyone who is seen different from others in society based on theirs beliefs​,​ how they may dress​,​ or even the way they choose to live their lives​.​ This individual might feel misjudged and in fact disconnected from the rest of the world or society around them​.​ This is similar to how the artist felt while in the cage​,​ and it leads to how others may go to extreme levels as such to emphasize why they are who they are​.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022
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