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A contemporary issue can be outlined as any event idea opinion or

A contemporary issue can be outlined as any event, idea, opinion, or topic during a given subject that’s relevant to this day. Up to date issues can be found in virtually any matter of interest.

Young drivers and the law is identified as how adolescent drivers are given laws due to previous or present issues that occur. It follows, that due to this the laws towards developing drivers was created and pioneered to decrease the rates of death and ensure the safety for all drivers.

A young driver is consider as a person under the age of 25. Over the years there have been numerous amount of reforms in the law to cater to changes in our society. Due to young drivers proving to engage in more risk taking behaviours. Federal ,state and local governments have tried to protect the youth from themselves as well as others. Furthermore, due to statistics for deaths of young drivers increasing over the years these reforms have transpired.

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Law Reform is the process of enquiring into existing laws and upholding and implementing amendments with the focus of strengthening equity or orderliness. This implies that it isn’t the only key to however abundant so it means the law becomes additional systematic and is simply for society as it will be ameliorated.

Young drivers are two times more likely to be involved in accidents, caught drink driving or caught speeding. For these conditions, it is given a rise to change due to changing social values, new concepts of justice, new technology.

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Changes to young drivers licences include the following; the amount of hours required to do or the set speed limit they have been given. These are given as various groups in the community see these as a way young drivers are able to get more experience to become secure and mature on the road.

Due to the upbringing of new technology laws can be formed so there is no unfair acquisitions, which also allows time to ensure all details of safety is accounted for. Young drivers, need to be aware and have an understanding of why these laws are made as preventions to dangerous behaviours.

Law reform agencies construct issue papers, discussion papers and reports as part of their review of referred topics of law. Agencies of law reform that put forward their review include; Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Roads and Traffic Authority/Roads and Maritime Services (RTA/RMS), the media and NRMA.

These individual agencies contribute as the can provide statistics influencing the publics view, campaigns and media representations enhancing awarenesses, warnings to the people and government about different opinions, extensive media coverage and provided programs run by professionals.

A mechanism of law reform is about how the law actually changes. This can be done by courts, parliaments, United Nations or intergovernmental organisations. Due to the Motor Traffic Act 1909 (NSW) the law is consistently being reformed to keep up with society, this provides the opportunity for people of the community or groups within a community to come and place forward concerning issues of the matter. This is then addressed to the government and after by the government. The RTA on the first of July 2013, imposed a law indicating that L plate drives should travel 90 km/h, inability to hold a phone driving. Parliament detains power to reform laws, ensuring it doesn’t become retrospective. The consideration of campaigns through organisations and the public opinion on the all adjustments is taken into account. Police are given a duty to execute these reforms that are fabricates and press any allegations against those arrested.

As we progress forward in time, laws have been created by the Australian legal system forcing the perpetual modifications to the laws. In order to suit the continual values changing in today’s contemporary society.

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