A Book Summary Analysis of The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas

After reading the unit, you understand that humanities are a form of studying multiple factors including history, philosophy, literature, religion, art, and music. All these factors have evolved in their own ways and has brought this world together. When reading this unit, I noticed we came across several themes that went over technology, arts, culture, as well as the development of life and humans. Now the theme I would like to really go into depth about today is arts and culture.

Arts and culture improve our everyday lives in my opinion. This theme isn’t just valuable to me, but can be valuable to many other whether it goes toward education, history, and life, etc. Arts and culture can be valuable to education in many ways. When education about this theme, there is an insight on the history behind it and how the world of it was discovered. Art has expanded tremendously through the years, art had started off with just pigments and other types of ingredients and tools to just make paint in caves, to having over thousands of materials to create art.

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There are so many kinds of cultures that start from North America to west Asia. There’s no questioning that each culture has their own unique things about them, whether it’s on the food or the beliefs that the culture has.

In this unit, we also received a book to read called, “the ones who walk away from Omelas”. By Ursula K. Le Guin. In this this short story it talks about a town, named Omelas, and in this town all citizens got along and were always happy.

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In this interesting story what all the extremely happy citizens didn’t know was that the reason that they were always so happy was because one child was suffering. Citizens were able to visit the child and always left feeling either so guilty that they would leave the town of Omelas forever, or they would just go back to their regular everyday lives and not do anything. By the end of the story you realize that the Omelas use the less fortunate people in order to receive their own pleasure. This story perfectly illustrates how cultures and their histories vary.

The learning in this unit was getting familiar with humanities and it had multiple themes presented throughout the unit. Some important themes discussed was technology, the development of life and humans, as well as art and culture and some others. The theme I find most valuable is art and culture because of how it improves the thoughts of many individuals and their everyday lives. Art and culture is valuable towards many things including, history and life, education, and me. By seeing how other individuals have lived life and thought about life not only helps us make important decisions in life but it also helps us make the world a better place.

Updated: Feb 14, 2024
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