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Why Learning a Second Language is Important

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1013 words)
Categories: Language, Language learning, Learning
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As you heard I Introduced myself in Tagalog the language that I originated from. You guys might be wondering why I am speaking another language! Today I will convince you as an audience reasons why you should learn a second language and if already a third language and why it is important and be one of the best experiences of your life! I will also share my experience moving from being born and raised at the Philippines and moving to this beautiful country New Zealand and my journey from being not being able to speak English at all, when I was 5 years old and being to speak fluently and now learning a third language where I am learning to speak Te Reo! I am that type of person that strongly believes learning a new language is important where I will have 3 important reasons why you should at least speak two or more languages and why would be a great opportunity and if not one of the best experiences you would have in your life.

As research has been shown that there are an approximately 43 percent of the world population is able to speak two language or more.

You as an audience might be wondering why do I have to learn a new language? Here are a few reasons why. Our world is becoming sociable internationally worldwide in the 21st century, those people who are speaking two or more languages will be able to take the amazing opportunity to travel around the world. Whether you want to visit a country that speaks a whole different language. As this can develop cross cultural friendship. Whether using Te Reo Maori at a local Marae and doing a short korero speech in front of everyone it can develop new founded friends which would allow access to experience what they have got to offer which builds memories for life. Learning another language, gives us a life time benefit from more travel experiences such as doing international exchanges meeting new people where our school has to offer which would be a great opportunity to do to explore the world Learning another language would help you to increase your knowledge and get to know the history and get connected to the culture. This is important as learning the culture and how they work can be interesting and be fun. As you get to experience a whole different vibe and get to compare what’s the difference back home such as the Food, music, and how the country operations.

As Being able to know the culture will let you have the opportunity learning the language which would help you able to communicate in another language which where it will make your vacation a whole different experience. As studies showing that those who learn another language express more positive attitude towards the culture. All these things I have listed will make it a fun experience for yourself which would increase your knowledge for you to enjoy the culture as a foreigner if you are thinking of travelling the world when finish school. Relating it to travelling, it changes our perspective and helps us experience the diversity and the beauty that our world has to offer. As being able to speak the language of the country you are visiting would unlock to understand the history and the purpose why I am here and visiting this country. Most of those who are foreigners will appreciate the effort that people are making even if you can’t speak fluent as you if you are trying.

This can lead to boosting up your confidence as I right now talking to you guys and using the skills in real life which can be a motivation booster for them in the future. Now I will tell you my story and experience As I said at the start of my Speech I can relate as myself was born at another country and ended up moving to this wonderful country we are at now. This meant that I had to learn the Language at a young age where I was only 5 years old. I found It difficult at a young age as this meant that I had to do ESOL. (English as a second language) I did this for 6 years where I was at primary at St Marys Catholics school.When starting to learn English I found it difficult to speak and understand what people were saying! Thanks to the amazing staff that St Marys had for me where they have supported me throughout my years at Primary and now speaking fluently is a dream come true. Especially learning a third language that I am passionate about and willing to use in the future is very exciting! I can guarantee that It has been such an amazing experience moving from a country that has a population of 100 million people and living in this country now it has just been a blessing.

My final point that Is that it’s fun which would give you another purpose in your life. As your life might get boring and be repetitive You want to have fun in your life and make the most of it to interact with people and trust me your life will much more interesting as you want to experience as much as you can. As this can build up as you go. They can gain and the ability to communicate outside their community with people. As this can develop confidence over time and encourage the speaker to develop and speak the foreign language As I highly recommended to you guys, to learn a new language and to try speaking the language and use it as this would increase your knowledge about the culture and how the country operations. This can lead to the change of perspective and the diversity which the world has to offer. It would let you have the opportunity to have cross cultural friendships as I mentioned this can lead to a new experience and lead to new friends which could lead to memories.

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