What Do Expect in English 101 Essay

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What Do Expect in English 101

What are my expectations from this course?

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Benjamin Franklin. Reading is essential for everyday living, regardless of my insufficient skills. At the University of the Virgin Islands, English 101 class I’m determine to enhance my love for reading and build a stronger vocabulary foundation. I’ve never had a passion for reading. I was never surrounded by peers or family that influenced to me read. I always preferred to watch a movie filled with lies than read a book that would greatly impact my life. Now realizing how important reading is I’m stuck in the back playing catch up, which I highly dislike, especially as a freshman student. In English 101 I’m prepared to force myself to read, magazines, newspapers, novel and especially poems. I’ll love to understand when other say “I love reading because, allows me to go places I’ve never been, experience new things, explore possibilities and learn something new.”

I’m into fiction books I like knowing I can fly on the back of a dragon, turn my boyfriend into a toad, marry a prince, save a kingdom, cast a spell, swing a sword and talk to the gods. Just crazy things that never actually happens in reality. Loving reading makes everything possible, dreams come true, your imagination takes flight and your problems fade as you take on the problems of those you are reading about. To create a stabilize vocabulary foundation not only would I wait for my professor to assign work, I’ll try my best to take the responsibility of doing my own outside of class work. Gaining knowledge about words I’ll read words from the dictionary just like Malcolm X did. Previous I emphasized on my love for poetry never have I been capable to share my love because of my lack of words, but I’m already to make difference. Even though others may see it as a “dead and done” language, learning a bit of Latin would never hurt and I intend on learning a bit of it. Also in this class I plan to familiarize myself with lots of familiarize magazines, books and puzzles to build my vocabulary. In conclusion, enhancing my passion for reading and building my vocabulary are my expectations in this class and my endeavor is to come climb to the top, I know my professor cannot do it alone, I have applied myself and I will succeed.

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