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What cause teenage drug abuse Miguel Diaz Saint Michael's College What Causes Teenage Drug Abuse? Nearly half of college students consume illicit drugs. A study done by “Newport academy” said that in 2016 , 45% of male and 42% of female college students consumed illegal drugs during their academic year. This number has been growing and growing in the last years, and doctors think that is going to keep growing. There can be a lot of different reasons why this numbers have been growing in the last years but I am going to talk about the ones that in my opinion are the most important ones.

Bad parenting is one of the biggest causes of teenage drug abuse. Having trouble at home with your parents will make teenagers wanna evade from reality, and that will cause them to try new things that will cause them a “fake” relieve.

A lot of teenagers have trouble with their parents at this age for multiple reasons, is one of the hardest ages in human live, parents are always looking for the best possible future for their kids, and tennagers just want to have fun and experience new things, they don't tend to put their priorities in college high school grades extracurricular activities jobs while parents focus on this things a lot, and this always bring confrontation between the parts.

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A study realized by the “Pew Research Center” showed that only 65% of kids in the United States live with married parents and this has been going down since 1997 when it was 68%, 21% lived with a solo mother and 4% with a solo father.

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This can be a big cause why teenagers start consuming drugs, having a big parental reference during the teenage age is key for the personal development of the teenagers. At this age (age between 15-20) human beings start and finish developing their personality, and if they start consuming illegal drugs is likely that they will keep doing it until their mid age. Another big cause of teenage drug abuse is curiosity, at this age all tennagers wanna try new things and new experiences and the use of drugs always “knocks on their doors”.

Most tennagers usually start using drugs called “connection drugs”, that are really cheap and easy acces narcotics that will attract the consumers to the drug world, once consumers start consuming this drugs they will experiment the basic characteristics of the drugs, like “highs, head rushes..” and then they will want to consume more strong ones that will cost more money and are more dangerous, this is the reason why this drugs are called connection drugs. Teenage curiosity is one of the most dangerous times in human lives, is a time where teenagers just want to experiment new things without really understanding or acknowledging the causes of them. This can also bring teenagers to another dangerous problems like for example suicide, this is why a lot of schools have started a lot of new programs and activities to prevent suicide in their communities. Another reason that causes teenage drug abuse is stress, this is a really important problem in every teenage live, school grades, getting into college, meeting your group friend expectatives, have a good reputation, being a good athlete are things that most of students care about, and when one of this things don't work the get stressed and they can react in a lot of different ways, one of them is drug abuse to relax and try to stop the anxiety and stress, a article in the Telegraph said that “one of every 3 16 years old are turning to cigarettes alcohol or drugs to cope with the pressure of loming exams and coursework deadlines, a new study suggests”.

These numbers are unbelievably high and need to stop, because the amount of teenage drug abuse keeps growing and growing every generation and it starts sooner and sooner, in 2005 1 of every 6 tennagers used drug abuse and alcohol to evadate from stress now is one of every 3. Teenagers live a very stressful live because they are always doing activities or studying or worrying about multiple things, so in my opinion society should try to understand this and try to be a little more flexible with them, with this I mean giving them more time to assimilate things and preparate for them, in that way students are going to be able to have less anxiety and are not going to recur to this last second “reliefs” that drugs give them. Another reason that causes teenage drug abuse is peer pressure. None human being has the desire of being a loser or a non like person, in fact we all want to achieve good things in live and be a well known person. Teenagers groups use a lot of group pressure when they want one of their friends to do something, this is a really common way for teenagers to start smoking cigarettes or consuming drugs or alcohol.

Trying to act mature and cool is a thing that most teenagers try to do to reflect that they are not little kids anymore and they are ready for the real world, a lot of older people drink and smoke cigarettes this is the reason why teenagers start smoking and drinking, and a lot of times if you are the only one in your group that doesnt smoke or drink you are going to feel out of place, or they are not going to like you the same, so everyone is going to start smoking to dont get their social image down. This is how group pressure works and that’s why it is a really effective process. The teenage age is a really hard age, where teens have to find their fit and their social place,it is a age highlighted by mistakes where drug abuse is growing and growing every year for multiple causes of society. It is on our hand and responsibility to stop this causes and try to help as much as we can to our society. Together we all can stop this drug problem. Citations Correspondent, K. D. (2009, January 07). Teenagers 'turn to alcohol and drugs to cope with school stress'.

How Social Media Affects Relationships Social media is one of the strongest tools in today's world. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat are spread all around the world with millions of users using their serves every second. This is a great way for users to interact with each other, send music videos or pictures or even hanging out in real time, but like everything else it also has its dangerous side. Facebook published an article in April of this year alerting the users of the amount of spam and illegal accounts that they found on their servers. Cybercrime is a big part in today's crime world, so many people use social media and its impossible to control 100%. The CNN published an article this year that said that 78% of the world's population uses social media more than once everyday. Another study by the CNN said that 1 of every 4 students has been cyber bullied in his live. Another dangerous thing that can happen is that a person with a fake profile or identity messages another user and they end up meeting, without knowing each other intentions, it's really easy to create a fake profile online. There are a lot of advantage when we use social media in adequate way, and we all know them. Social media allows us to chat with people all over the world, follow the news, share pictures and videos etc. This is a good thing because it enriches the user culture, but it also can affect your social skills.

When users meet other users online, both of them are behind a screen and if users start getting use to met other users online, later when they are in front of a person in a real live situation they are not going to know how to develop. There are a lot of different social media apps that focus on a certain thing, like for example the app Tinder focuses on meeting new people,Instagrams shares pictures and videos to your followers...etc. There are a lot of different sites where you can find what you want, users just need to know how to use it safely. Social Media is a great way for users to met new users and interact with each other. Users need to have in mind that social media is not like real life situation. Using social media in a secure way will help us meet new people enrich our culture and stay safe. Miguel: It appears you are doing more of pros and cons of social media rather than a cause-effect essay. You have some good information and points, but you are a long way from a Cause/Effect Essay.


Updated: Jan 10, 2022
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