Week's Goals and Learning Experience

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The previous week's goals covered PowerPoint in Microsoft Workplace, Presentation Tools, and System Advancement Life Cycle (SDLC). What could be appropriate to your work environment or individual, and how your knowledge has actually increased as a result of what you experienced through the learning activities.

We discovered presentation tools that are offered in the marketplace and their benefits and drawbacks that they may have. Our team agreed that Microsoft Power Point is the most common and most used in the work environment and market place.

We were all really acquainted with how the system works, all of us have actually dealt with Power Point before. We were all really comfy with Microsoft Power Point. There are numerous other presentation tools that can be used, and that are readily available but total the most common is Microsoft Power Point. The next subject we had gone over had to do with what service go through to implement new technology.

The second discussion question posted we learned was in regards to six stages of the systems development life cycle.

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The system development life cycle (SDLC) has six processes in which information system is process: systems investigation, system analysis, systems design, programming and testing, implementation, and operation and maintenance. These six processes are important for organizations to use when deciding on an information system; however, these processes are not only for organization, but also for personal use as well. When deciding whether to get a new operation system for a personal computer, you can have some of the same challenges.

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Consumers have to decide what kind of budget they have, what will the system do for them, and will the system last for a long time before having to get another system. We didn't realize what business have to go through to implement new technology into the business plan. We learned that it can be a very long, in depth and costly process to implement a new system in the work place.

In conclusion, we have learned many great things as a team about Microsoft power point, and presentation. How everyone uses power point for work and personal life. We also learned about System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). How the process can be long and expensive depending on the system requirements. We agreed and disagreed on many things but in the end we were able to learn from one another. Working as team has made it better and easier to learn, we each collaborated on putting this reflection summary together. It has made it an even better learning experience working together as a team.

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Week's Goals and Learning Experience
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