University Learning Goals Essay

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University Learning Goals

The university learning goals are essential skills that hiring managers look for when reviewing applications. Knowing how to incorporate the learning goals into your career competencies can help you in the application and career-search process. Fill in the following table with 100-word summaries of how each university learning goal can help you with career preparedness.

University learning goal
How each goal prepares you for success in the workplace
Professional Competence and Values
I think this goal will help prepare you for future success in the workplace by instilling specific disciplinary knowledge. As well as teaching you to become lifelong learners and also that you’re always willing to want to learn more and do more. In turn, allowing you to become more competitive and remain informed. I believe that you need to know professional values in order to show future employers that you do know how to follow directions and procedures. I believe that learning professional competence and values you are able to show that you know how to act in the workplace. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

I believe this goal is important for success in the workplace because we must all know how to solve problems on our own. When working we can’t and don’t always have someone there to help out. We need to learn to learn how to utilize critical thinking and analyze problems on our own and show that we know what we are doing. It will be of great help when we come to a bump in the road in the workplace. Learning this goal will help you when thinking about a problem more thoroughly and come up with a great solution. Communication

This goal will greatly help in succeeding in any workplace, because we must all know how to communicate properly in all settings. Being able to communicate with others properly allows future employers know that you will represent their workplace in a professional manner as well. It will come in handy when having to write out reports, presentations, or things of that nature. Therefore, allowing others to know exactly what you are trying to say. It will help when it comes to having a disagreement with someone, such as getting your point across without getting into a bigger issue than necessary. Information Utilization

I believe that by knowing how to utilize information is a tremendous help in preparing you for success in the workplace. By giving you the tools to properly allow you to address certain issues and take the right actions. With the way things are going now there are major and new technological advances which allow us to find any and all information. This goal will help when we must find answers or help in a quickly and timely manner. In the workplace it is a great tool to have when working on a group or solo project in your workplace. Collaboration

This goal helps prepare me for success in the workplace by giving me the skills and knowledge on how to effectively work as a team player. I believe that this is important because in almost any and all workplaces we will be asked to work in a duo or group project at least once. We must all learn to learn how to be able to team up with others as an effort to become better/stronger in said workplace. Employers will see that you are willing to work at in a team or maybe even be a leader in the team.

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