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I believe that the EVP (employee value proposition) was instrumental in the initial success of the company. You have employees that were given the mobility to move around in the company that may not have been able to do that before. Employees may have appreciated the ability to move because, maybe they felt they would do better in a different area of the company. When the company selected 50 employees for the new project that told all employees that we value our employees and we appreciate what you bring to the company.

This could be you in the future. This said a lot in that one move. I do not believe that the recruiting strategy initially played any role in the collapse of the company. It was over ten years before the downfall of the company and I feel that within those years you had people in high positions that became greedy.

You need to be up front when you are recruiting personnel let them know what is expected from them while also being realistic about the hours and expectations the company is wanting from the individual.

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By overselling the company, you are not be honest with employees and they may become disgruntle. If Enron decided to start again. I would suggest they be honest with applicants stating anything about how we no longer do business this way how they are clear and precise about not going down that road once travelled. We were once a billion-dollar industry and we threw it away, but we are coming back better and stronger.

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The pros when using virtual assessment allows those that are better at performance versus interviews will excel at this type of activity. This also allows the potential employee an idea of the job they would be hired for while also testing out the candidate to see if they can perform that task necessary. This gives candidates the opportunity to see if they would even want this type of job maybe its not what they are really looking for, so this allows them to test drive the job before committing to it. Which in turns save the company money that it would have used to trainee a short-term employee.

The only con I can see would be the cost of developing this type of assessment. My main concern if I were the applicant is if I was having a bad day and my performance was not up to par did, I just destroy my chance at being hired. Based on my performance for that day how many people performed better than me because I was having a bad day. Can I do the assessment again? The only way I can see this selection to be nondiscriminatory is by having an assigned number to the applicant along with just the scores of the individuals this way no information is available to the hiring personal just the performance tally. Unfortunately, I can see this type of job application finding its way to court based on someone not getting hired and using it as a discriminatory bias. I do not think the older generation would be so keen on doing a virtual assessment as the younger generation.

But I believe some of the older generation may have an advantage because they may have more work experience then the younger generation. As for the types of jobs that would benefit this type of virtual test, I believe would be customer service representatives for example U-verse, 24-hour call centers for banks. I don’t think Wal-Mart or would necessarily benefit this type of assessment because many of the jobs are for stocking and filling grocery orders. Certain jobs within the medical field would not benefit in certain aspects but may be of some value when it comes to interacting with patients and issues that could arise.

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