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Two Sides of Monopoly

We often see the bright side of big companies, but we won’t know the companies is going to break down or having the crush. People always knows which companies are in the top in the market, in the internet area, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon.. However, some companies will have the negative effect for people on economics. For example,although amazon is a big company sometime it will bring some issue on the economic, because of the company had tried to do the monopoly that didn’t work it well also bring the negative effect.

Always trying to destroy the retail of traditional shopping malls under the line leads to accelerated demise. Online shopping has lower administrative costs for online shopping than other retailers because there is no formal storefront.They have a price advantage and a lower operating margin. Ideally, low unemployment is accompanied by wage increases, which in turn fuel inflation is passed on to consumers as a result of corporate costs.

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The bad effect turns back to the consumer, which is the last we want. So, this is the disadvantage of monopoly.MLGB????

We all know that everything have two sides, monopoly also got the advantages.Firstly, research and development,Monopolies can generate additional big profits and can be used for funding costs a lot of capital investment spending. Research on the long-term costs can be successfully improved becomes low. Secondly, monopoly make a company more successful.Monopoly makes the company efficient and international. Inefficient companies are not going to create monopolies.

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For example, Google has gained a monopoly in the browser market abroad, and Google is considered to be the most efficient and popular browser. The success of Apple’s manufacturer’s innovation has made the company’s power grow very fast, resulting in a certain degree of monopoly power being regarded as the best mobile phone and digital products.Monopoly makes people’s lives more efficient. In some areas, effective companies have monopoly power in local markets. For example, if a city’s company reduces the productivity of a product, then the rival company may take the opportunity to compete for popular products in the market. This also makes people more purchasing power for common goods. Effective monopoly can increase people’s awareness and trust in products.

Nowadays, high technology brings us countless conveniences, making people rely on it and buying it in bulk. With the continuous innovation of technology and the characteristics of different products to attract people to buy and use it, for example, Chinese women like to take selfies, a company called MEITU have launched a self-portrait-based mobile phone and have the ability to repair the photo, this made many woman like to buy it. More widely known companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. The wealth, popularity, and influence of these companies have brought about tremendous changes in people’s lives, and they have more fields, entertainment, politics, and news, and become the most important part of the digital economy. The most core infrastructure and platform.They have succeeded in reducing the cost of social communication and market transactions, and have also profoundly affected people’s emotions, thinking, and changing people’s daily lives and interactions.

However, we also know the negative impact of high technology, our life is deeply penetrated by high technology, the hugeness of the network, people’s addiction to the Internet, and technology records our every move so that we have no privacy. And the Internet is full of news, the instability of the news has caused a lot of rumors, and even cyber violence, internet violence will cause trouble to people’s lives, and even suicide. It is undeniable that technology has brought many talents to the path of wealth. But it also caused a “human monopoly.” Some companies directly provide excellent students’ work opportunities before they graduate. Excellent students also recognize the strength of large companies. Even some senior professors will receive a large amount of funds for work, but this leads to other markets without excellent young people can be train for the other fields companies.

Furthermore, technology monopoly can also have uncontrollable or control freedom of speech.Uncontrollable is the fact that a small number of users publish terrorism propaganda, depicting child sexual abuse and hate speech. Facebook and Google doesn’t need to like traditional media companies reported political advertising sales.Advertisements exposed on Facebook, the purchase of government officials during the US presidential election, indicate a serious lack of regulatory risk.

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