Two Examples Of Capital Crimes Essay

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Two Examples Of Capital Crimes

1. NAME TWO EXAMPLES OF CAPITAL CRIMES.- Murder of a police officer and sexual abuse of a minor. 2. NAME TWO EXAMPLES OF FEDERAL CRIMES – Possession of a controlled substances. 3. EXPLAIN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JAILS AND PRISONS – Jail is a smaller facilities and have a certain sentences and been adjusted a bail set. And who is being detain for awaiting trails for small crimes. Prison is a larger facilities for much serious crimes, and exceeded for a longer period of year. And no bail.

4. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PROBATION AND PAROLE – Probation is minor crimes have been served probation instead of getting sentenced in jail or prison. It’s like a testing kind of way to see if you can be trusted by following the law after probation you have certain kind of requirements. Parole is getting released after prison is getting legal supervision from an officer for how much you served or how much the court tells you how many years you’ll be on parole. 5. WHAT ARE 3 FACTORS JUDGES CONSIDER WHEN SETTING BAIL – 1. How serious the alleged crime is. 2. The amount of evidence the prosecution has. 3. The likelihood that the accused will attempted to flee the area.


1. Do you agree that incarceration is a better method of correction than corporal punishment? Why or why not? No I don’t agree with that statement because if criminals have already life in prison there is no point of having incarceration because they will be in there till they are passed away. 2. How are school rules similar to state and federal laws? What would the typical American high school be like if there were no rules or consequences for breaking them? Explain. It’s very similar because if you get in trouble you get a consequence. You get in a major trouble you get suspended.

An normal American high school without no rules will be very disturbing and very bad It would have had got out of control and someone can get hurt…or it can be a big situation. Anything can happen in school, people get mean and mad and angry…Fighting…etc. school needs rules! 3. Do criminals benefit more from community service or house arrest? Explain. I believe criminals benefit more from house arrest they get more time to think about what they have done. Community service you do what they tell you for like 4-5 hours and then go on with your day and mostly continue what you do.

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