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Traffic in Vietnam

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (579 words)
Categories: Traffic Management, Transport System, Transportation
Downloads: 40
Views: 334

When thinking of traffic, I have actually an amusing imagination of circulatory system. We need circulatory system to pass nutrients, blood cells, hormonal agents through the human body, so does with the traffic. Traffic is one of the most crucial thing that every countries need to pay much issue. And traffic in Viet Nam, what we’ve performed in ten years? Good and bad enhancements We need to talk about the good very first: For 10 years, we finished some main roads contributing to the socio- economic development such as Ben Thuy, Thai Binh bridges, national roadway No1( highway)… Mountainous or rural transport in this period was likewise provided much care of the federal government for brand-new lands, upgrading the old lands, expanding alleys.

Supporting the financial advancement, traffic in Viet Nam has a terrific dive that is surprising. We can easily recognize the modifications. 10 years earlier, the traffic was not as hectic as nowadays.

Even in the craziest dream, I had never imagined riding a motorbike( at that time: having a motorcycle is quite high-end). Now you can own a motorbike with a small amount of money; and if you have enough money, you can own a private cars and truck. Obviously, the life’s standard is increasing, it is expressed by the variety of automobile driven on the roadways. But is it excellent or bad? Is it the indication of Viet Nam economic’s Get up. In fact, transport doesn’t go a step ahead to satisfy the development’s requirements of the nationwide economy. The traffic can be a headache for visitors to Vietnam for the very first time.

Think it or not, there are transportation rules but individuals do not seem really interested in following them. Three or four individuals on one motorcycle is a typical sight, particularly with the young. Every day, there’re accidents we see and fear, which about 30 individuals pass away daily according to some information on traffic mishaps. The traffic is worst during the rush hour when everybody is attempting to get to work or get home quickly. Some people ride their motorcycles on the pavement instead of waiting in the traffic jam. Individuals strolling are just as likely to get struck on the pavement as they are crossing the roads at such times.

It’s crazy. Road users become very impatient, constantly using their horns when there’s obviously nowhere to go, even shouting at other people to get out of the way. The most annoying thing about the traffic is the way people using their horn. It’s a habit which serves no purpose most of the time. A disturbing trend is the fashion for installing air horns on motorbikes. This is really annoying for other people and sometimes it causes accidents. The context Rapid Increase in the traffic in Viet Nam is resulting in greater noise, pollution and more accidents.

Ten years ago, you hardly saw a car, now there are so many, the roads are so crowded. The losses we are suffering may be more than that, the losses of health as breathing the polluted air must be taken into account. 2 What are the reasons? First, it’s the way people thinking. Government set up the law, people take it serious like max 1 year then everything go back the old thing when walking around Tam Bac Lake, I only see many young people not wear helmet. And in the countryside, people make law … no such a thing like” law from government”.

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Traffic in Vietnam. (2016, Sep 14). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/traffic-in-vietnam-essay

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