Traditional medicine

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Health is the most important part of a person’s life. In fact, the number of patients who have used traditional medicine to cure their health is increasing. This essay will examine some of the arguments for and against alternative medicine. There are two main ideas in support of alternative medicine. The first important arguments is herbal medicine is from nature.

Therefore, there are many advantages such as it has less side-effect than Western medicine. One other reason people use traditional medicine is that it has been used for a long time.

For example, thousands years ago, people found out to use pharmaceutical plants to cure injured and now people still use it because it is based on the experience of people from a thousand years. Another argument is traditional medicine can protect people’s health for a long time. To explain, it may strengthen and assist the body’s own natural healing process.

For instance, Lingzhi is the name of a traditional medicine that has good effects for people health and can help people stronger or may live longer.

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In contrast, there are some disadvantages of using non-western medicine. Firstly, traditional medicine is from nature, but also it does not mean it is safe or good for a person’s health. For instance, some leaves of trees may have the advantage is curing people who get injured.

However, they can also have a negative side that made people have headache. Secondly, alternative medicine is not cheaper and faster than other medicine.

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For example, some modern medicines are made in nature and their effective are four or five times as alternative medicines and also they are much cheaper, such as aspirin, penicillin and analgesic, for example. In conclusion, this essay has highlighted some of the arguments for and against people using traditional medicine.

Because of traditional medicine has been used for long times and help people stronger, it is positive. Conversely, some negatives of using traditional medicine are that it also has side effects that can make people sick and the price is not cheap. The government should find a way to decrease the cost of non-western medicine

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Traditional medicine

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