Toys R Us Japan Case Analysis

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This case has an usually favorable slant because there it does not explain lots of weaknesses and problems present in lots of others with which students would recognize. Toys R Us (TRU) has followed a course of worldwide expansion from the United States through more than 13 nations, starting from Canada in 1984 and entering Japan in 1991. By any requirement this is a rapid growth of markets. This case shows several elements of establishing market strategies that have been main to TRU's observed success in these markets.

Initially, TRU has established a strong competitive advantage in its house market that is based upon fulfilling 95% of customers' requirements associating with children. This has actually been based around big retail area and counteracting the cyclical nature of toy retailing which traditionally peaks around the gift offering period during Christmas. Second, they have actually succeeded in transferring their retail concept from the United States to its newer markets by modification of the product mix to suit local tastes.

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Third, they caught worldwide marketing experience by recruiting executives with global experience such as Mr. Joseph Baczko who has actually had the ability to adjust the method and utilize a non-standard method to market entry. His method has adapted their effective entry strategy to fit the requirements of the nation environment. The list below analysis will start with an analysis of the business and its service and think about each of the issues raised in the foregoing conversation. This will be followed by suggestions for future activities. PROBLEM AND PROBLEM ANALYSIS.

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The Company, its Market and market expansion. TRU is a business whose functional core is simply in retailing. The business has no production abilities and counts on developing its organisation strategies of satisfying customer needs with a one-stop-retail environment that fulfils the bulk of customer's needs.

Therefore, the company's market activities are purely in the form of a specific retail concept which is based on sourcing local and international products for sale in each of the countries in which it operates. Two key characteristics are critical for TRU to succeed: high-income per capita and high toy sales. Both of these are self-evident. The case study does not provide the order of market entry but the early entries into psychically close countries such as Canada, UK and Germany conforms to the patterns of expansion as firms gather international experience. It appears that TRU has acquired international experience by recruiting Mr. Joseph Baczko who has made direct entries into countries whose environments are more similar but used less direct forms such as franchises in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Joint ventures in Singapore and Hong Kong which are psychically and geographically more distant. 

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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