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The biggest life lesson

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (815 words)
Categories: Human, Laughter, Life
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There are people people that implied to stay and leave, we don’t meet anybody by mishap. There’s a continuously a reason as to why somebody enters and exits your life, in some cases people are as it were implied to remain for the time of period. Which one of the hardest realizations I have confronted. Sometimes is human we require love to outlive. We have continuously explore for the huge thing in life, trusting to discover bliss and security we profoundly need for.

When we bump into somebody in life we need to hold on to that person for dear life so that feeling doesn’t elude but it’s continuously like that, people are fair implied to be in your life for brief periods of time to appear you what we are really able of doing and to find who we truly are in life. I found a person who I thought I would have lose eventually, but I been with this person for five years.

I’m thankful to have her in my life and her name is Berenice Sotelo.

Her eyes reflect to relentless vivacity, her eyes shimmer when she laughs, chuckles, and moves, I can tell her eyes are dependable; looking for inside others soul to their privileged insights slip from their lips. Everybody interfaces to her when they meet her, producing attractive, impact bonds of sympathy, believe and thoughtfulness. Her eyes has seen the unspeakable, her eyes been cloaked in thick shroud of a long time, but they capture the verifiable excellence of this life and reflects on her prosses.

Her laugh emanates warmth and light, it draws induvial to her, welcoming them to know her, to cherish her, her laugh is attractive in its causal charm, easily towards all it touches. It reflects her energy, her tryst and her dreams because it rapidly morphs into a talked words. It has concealed her stress behind disrespectful shimmer, but over all else, it sparkles more brightly then the stars, reason why I called her my shining star, passing her delight; extrapolating upon her burning desire for life. Her hair is delicate, luxurious Her hair openly cascaded down her back, spiraling into a stunningly wonderful mess, energetically prodding you to fly absent within the tender breeze. It reminds her simply are the as it were tie to this soil by a string, that she has the freedom to love fiercely, to investigate to this life and soil, to grasp life’s chaos and cherish her chaos since it’s the reason the individual she is today.

Her embraced is more stronger than anything I’ve known, as if holding me wasn’t enough, she would have be able to feel each ounce of me in arrange in induce into each ounce that’s in me. In the minute of feeling so near I am always somehow, more lively that I am as a butterfly who yearns for the cocoon, to be secure inside dividers, ensured. That’s something tha helps me, in her arms it’s feels secure and my stresses vanished like rain in the summer oil. I could feel her soft skin and gentle squeeze on my own . I bathed in her warmth and the smell of naturally washed cloths if’s my favorite fragrance of her. Her arms around me is ever chance within the universe to being us together

Her laughter was the summer rain and the birdsong as well, and each time I listened to it, no matter what the climate, the sun brightened. tt was as if her sound lifted a veil from our eyes and allowed us to see the world more clearly. It’s amusing funny how laughter can do that, those honest rumblings of soul. She always despised her laugh, but every time I hear her giggling through her nose, I fell a little more thankful to have her in my life every day.

I love the smell of strawberry with whipped cream because those sweets, bright-red summer fruit with whipped cream are the sweetest thing like her. The strawberry is small bur yet perfectly like her, the little fruit-royalty wears a jagged crown of deep green like summer foliage and it smells like heaven in my palm. Every time I am with her we like to eat strawberry with whipped cream because its our favorite snack. Therefore within those years I have known her I found out many great things about her and learn the type of person she is.

I have always remember that just because some people are only in your life temporary, it doesn’t mean the memories and lessons I have shared are any less memorable. One of the biggest life lesson I have learn is that we cant control other peoples choices, we cant control who stays and who leaves. The ones that stay in your life they are there for a reason and eventually you find out why.

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