The Village: A Tale of Fear and Mystery in the Woods

The Village is a movie about a town where individuals reside in fear of animals residing in the woods beyond them. It is discussed that the villagers have a truce with, as they call them, "Those We Don't Mention," where the villagers do not enter their woods, and the animals do not get in the Villagers'. M. Night Shyamalan shows a small society in The Village, of individuals who are totally free and secured through the fear of violence, and an imperfect community.

To ensure their village is innocent, the elders ensured their kids and grandchildren would be protected from violence and greed. To assure this, the elders invented the animals and told stories and tales of people killed and ingured by them to make the younger inhabitants fear leaving.

According to them, the color red was forbidden because it would attract the 'creatures' and bring them into the villagers' part of the woods. If anyone was to enter Covington Woods, which was only granted by permission, they would have to wear yellow.

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The elders and villagers had to sacrifice knowledge of modern resources and medicine.

An oath was made years ago in the village that soon was broken when some people were told about the make-believe creatures. Many of the villagers were affected by the lack of medicine, which caused Noah Percy, who had a mental illness die and Ivy Walker to go into Covington Woods. The villagers believe the creatures will harm them if someone passes the boundaries, although the elders only believe they could be harmed by exposure to the modern world.

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Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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