The Teacher Who Changed My Life for the Better

When I think of someone is inspiring I think of person who drives influences by both their words and their writing a lot of these qualities can be found in teachers and or people in power. There is one person always comes to my mind when I am asked who inspires me. I meet her my tenth grade year and my first impression were who she is and what is she doing here because she was different and I am not good with different people.

As weeks gone by she brought things up that I never thought of had me do stuff I never thought I would do and broke me out of a shell that I been hiding in for my whole life, because I was scared of being made fun of my spechimpedment and the way I look.

When I think I myself my freshman year I did not talk to anyone I kept to myself and just went to class I was the kid who works alone because I was a pretty smart kid and cretin aspects in school and kids like to use me, but as the year gone by I became a person who like to talk to people and get to know them better my teacher had me become a leader in the shop and taught me how hatch out of my shell by putting me in charge of the lighting and for our theater department and have me design sound for plays and my best friend and I team up to win one of the highest tech awards you can get in high theater in Texas.

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Since I started my senior year here at Mansfield she has put me in charge of the shop and teach new people how to do drill, build platforms and giant set pieces.

With out this teacher I won't be where I am today. She has helped me set amazing goals for myself that I never would have thought of. She brings something new to the table to me every day. When I am done with college I hope that I can be that inspiring to a kid and help them reach a level of confidents I have to today with myself. I want to show the world why she is one of the best teacher out there she goes to work for the kids not that she has to because she loves her job. Without her I would be lost and confused.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021
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