The target population

The target population that will be used for the experiment will be students from st marys college, Blackburn. All students age range will be within 16-18. The reason the experimenter chose Students as the target population is that students are more readily likely to conform and are more impressionable compared to elder people. Therefore they would be good to study, especially for this experiment. There will be 2 conditions and each condition will have 20 different subjects as the other.

The experimenter will use a multi cultural, using all ethnic background student to make the experiment fair.

The sampling method that will be used is opportunity sample, thus the experimenter will use participants that are available at the time of experiment. The experimenter will use participants who are free and out of lessons therefore it it is less likely to disturb students who are in lesson. This will be done by using participants from the college canteen.

Psychology students will not be used for the experiment as they may know that they are taking part in a psychology experiment and may guess the aim of the study, therefore they may give bias estimation to help the experimenter.

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Opportunity sample would be most convenient for this experiment, as it is very quick and most economical as it will be done within the college premises. Furthermore, opportunity sample would be very ideal for this investigation as the investigation will take place during the lunch hour (busy time), therefore finding participants would be very quick and easy.

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Materials + Task

The apparatus that will be used is a Jar, and sweets. A table will also be used where the jar and sweets will be placed for participants will take the experiment Furthermore, the experimenter will provide consent forms, for participants to complete. See appendix 1. Standardize instructions will be used by participants and the experimenter will have 2 record sheets for each condition which will be used to jot down results. See appendix 2. There are 2 record sheets being used for comparisons between the two and for the purpose of testing the hypothesis. One record sheet for condition 1 and the other for condition 2.

See appendix 3 + 4. Participants will be asked to read the consent form and sign if they agreed to take part in the experiment. If they did they had to estimate the amount of sweets in a jar, and before each participant estimated, they were shown previous results. A consent form will be used because permission must be gained before using participants details in for any purpose, and participants must know detailed information about the study. The experimenter will provide the same standardized instructions to all participants in both conditions to make the experiment fair. A debriefing sheet will also be provided at the end of the experiment. See appendix 5.

This will provide participants information regarding the aims and objectives of the experiments in detail. If they felt deception had affected their results, they had the right to withdraw and terminate their results. Participants will be called on a one to one basis, they will firstly be shown the previous results of the majority. They will then be asked to estimate the amount of sweets in the jar. Results will be taken down on the record sheet. The 2nd condition will be exactly the same, however participants will not be shown previous answers.


The students that will be in canteen will be approached by the experimenter. This will be done by; the experimenter at the entrance and experimenter will call upon every 3rd student that entered the canteen. After a total of 20 participants are found. Before consent forms were offered to participants, each participants were asked whether they studied psychology. If participants were found to study the subject, they will be asked to leave the group and told they could not participate. As some psychology students may be in the group, the experimenter will again call every 3rd person until the total is 40. After the total amount of students are found, the experimenter will request everyone in the group and ask them to read and sign the consent form. After 40 students are found to agree to partake in the experiment, they will be requested to read standardized instructions regarding the experiment.

At this point the experiment will start. And participants will be asked top estimate the amount of sweets in the jar on a one to one basis. Each estimate will be recorded on the record sheet by the experimenter. After the first participants estimate is taken down, every other participant will be showed estimates that have been made by previous participants. After all participants had estimated their opinion on the number of sweets, the participants were given a debriefing sheet see figure 2. They were then asked if whether they would like to withdraw their results and leave the experiment because of deception which may have affected their results

I am an as psychology student at St Marys college. The experiment will be taking place in the college premises. A total of 20 participants will be taking place in the experiment. The aim of the experiment is to investigate the impact of social influences. Please note you have the right to withdraw at anytime during the experiment. All results and names will be kept confidential and will be protected. I agree not to refuse to withhold the truth when you have any queries or questions to ask me regarding the experiment.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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