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"The Stone Gods" by Jeanette Winterson

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (324 words)
Categories: God
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Themes of genuine love, empathy, and compassion Winterson explores in her novel The Stone Gods are highlighting the contrast between the more optimistic nature of the interpersonal relationships and the repeating cycles of self-destruction humanity falls into along with the dystopic society portrayed in ‘Planet Blue’. Since this first story is the longest and arguably the most immersive and fleshed out of the separate stories, it handles the dichotomy in an exemplary way.

As this paper set out to prove by analyzing the characters of Billie Crusoe, Spike, Captain Handsome, and Pink McMurphy, true empathy and compassionate relationships of both platonic and romantic nature serve as a strong contrast to the innate tragedy of the stories by providing a sense of hope for not just the protagonists, but for humanity at large.

As extrapolated by analyzing Pink as a stand-in character for the dystopic society, humanity is not beyond redemption and not incapable of learning from its mistakes by becoming more self-aware.

However, the future as of the end of the ‘Planet Blue’ story is still ambiguous and uncertain. This thesis rings especially true when considering Spike and Billie’s romantic relationship, yet in a broader sense an intervention of empathy and compassion is presented as a possible way for humanity as a whole to stop its repeating history and provides a sense of hope at the end of the novel.

Further analysis of the other three parts of the novel might provide additional insight into the implementation of these hopeful human elements within a post-apocalyptic narrative, yet it was not possible to analyze the novel in its entirety in the span of this paper. Finally, comparisons with other post-apocalyptic novels may reveal interesting differences in the way this empathic element is implemented into the narrative. Especially the element of romantic love is frequently part of newer post-apocalyptic and dystopian narratives and would provide an interesting point to compare The Stone Gods with other novels.

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