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The Secrets of Great Teamwork

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. The above proverb is by Henry Ford and very well highlights the importance of working together in a team (By Grades Fixer,17/12/2018). Since it shows that good and strong teamwork is the main key ingredient and element for success because it builds an effective team that helps to combine different minds and ideas towards the same conclusion to achieve goals in an organization. Besides that teamwork makes the dream work, so without strong and committed teamwork in an organization can end up in failure and unsuccessful.

Since there are 4(four) ways to improve teamwork among members of an organization is by having good Communication, Dividing a Role-based on Individual Strengths, Recognize and Rewards, and Take a break.

One of the ways is to develop the skills of communication in teamwork among the team members of an organization. Since communication is what makes a team stronger. So in this case, teamwork members must be given an opportunity to voice their ideas to speak out regarding on challenges they may be facing or having.

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Apart from that, team members should be encouraged to discuss each other and come out with good suggestions among the members of an organization. Furthermore, listen to what other team members are saying, instead of formulating your response. If got any doubt or don’t understand what other members saying or discussing make sure u ask for clarification to avoid misunderstandings. Team members should have one conversation at a time, this means if u are discussing or talking between team members, do not talk on the phone or send a message, because the team members will feel that they don’t have your full attention (By Hannah Price).

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Communicate in a respectful manner and don’t just say to your team member what you want, explain to them why. Since alone we can do little, together we can so much, so perfect team members lead to success.

A second way to improve is by dividing a role based on individual strengths is very important in teamwork among the team members in an organization. Since when starting to allocate the team roles, the most important is to focus on the individual strengths of the team members. In a team member, it’s not necessary to have the best person for each role, the main thing is to create an atmosphere of success and achievement. Since each of the team members has a role they are good at so this kind of team member more likely to feel valued and radiate these kinds of positive energy to other groups. Therefore, the team members should have a crystal clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities within the group so this can help to limit the confusion or time spend organizing and delegating work so the individual can able to focus on their task at hand (By Martin, 1/8/2016). Apart from that is to focus on positive feedback so the teamwork can be improved by feedback but always need to focus on positive feedback instant of negative feedback. “Good feedback is the key to improvement”. The team members should be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions. For example, team strategies, goals, tasks, workflows and even members can change over the life of the team. Since team members are encouraged to rally together and face new challenges head-on, rather than splintering into the ideological function or banding together to resist changes (By Martin,1/8/2016). Therefore, each team member should set a defined goal so they will know exactly what are they really working towards including what goals they really need to achieve. Since team members must set a measurable goal within the specific timeframe so that team members can able to measure themselves against individually and as a team.

A third way to improve is by recognizing and reward for a great job is the opportunity to do more. So in this case, recognizing and rewards can help to improve team performance by motivating, encouraging, and congratulating the teamwork among the members in an organization. Apart from that is praise them by handwritten a thank you message in a card or in a note and give to the team members directly by hand or send by email to appreciate and congratulate team members for doing a great job so that the team members will feel happier and feel appreciated (By Harry Hall). Besides that, celebrating a birthday and anniversary for doing a great job so teamwork among members will feel recognized and appreciated.

Another way to improve is by taking breaks together can result in a higher level of productivity and help achieve goals. For one week once the team among members should meet up and grab a coffee together and go for a movie. Since team members meet up regularly can encourage better communication and get to share their ideas among team members (By Hannah Price).

In conclusion, great teamwork will achieve a goal when has perfect teamwork and collaboration skills. Great teamwork is something that we should develop everywhere. Teamwork among the members of an organization should corporate with each other and to focus on their work goal. “Team together, everyone achieves more”.

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