The Role Of Self-Reflection For a Social Worker

Reflecting on the chapter, I have incorporated different abstractions that will help me to understand the central issues in the society and to abolish the biases that I hold onto diverse people. I have determined the approaches that can be applicable to real-life circumstances and social services.

Culture is a compound term in itself to commence with; it takes decades to know about the metamorphosis of culture. Though, one can master it by reflecting into oneself; analyzing personal bias, introspecting one's strengths and weaknesses.

Attitudes and behaviors that people tend to follow have mainly emerged from the culture to which they belong. Self-reflection is the capacity of the human mind to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about the fundamental nature, purpose, and essence. Being transparent and others will relocate with your authenticity is vital. Also, analyzing the self can clearly define the biases, achievements, solutions, problems, and happiness. Grant’s writings about self-reflection and insight suggest that self-reflection and insight should have diverging relations with markers of emotional well-being.

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In addition to this, self-reflection has the direct relation with the insight into our unconscious biases and helps us correct them. By this, I mean that one can really look into their personal opinions and the prejudices towards other people in the community that further will enable self-correction and the better understanding of the diversity and nature of the society. Because as a social service worker we will come across different types of people suffering from racism, oppression, vulnerable and marginalized, sexism, discrimination inequality and many more.

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So, it is essential to acquire self-reflection and work on it before understanding or helping others.

Moreover, I have never found myself as oppressed; being raised in the family where all are valued and wealthy. Sometimes I really feel that being in the prosperous family is not the selection we made, it is something by default. And, holding privilege appeals the advantage and disadvantage. I was not aware many of the times that I am privileged and hold such right. Even though, one thing I know for sure is I have explored myself as a better human being, by learning strengths and weaknesses; and I believe that I am learning each day. "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” – Heraclitus. Furthermore, we live in the socialized world where we face people with diverse culture and communities and so it is vital that one cannot unconsciously hurt the others feelings. I have never known about my personal biases I hold onto people until I came across it but I am still striving that I may not hurt someone unintentionally. For instance, I faced the person a year before who was from a different culture in the shop; I just saw the face, his appearance, and color of skin and suddenly went to the other counter without being considerate that he is also a human being. I thought that he got hurt by that but this is what I need to work on. I cannot perceive someone based on their racial identities and without being aware of someone's background. It was when I realized the actions and reactions are altogether different and how our stereotypes could negatively affect the individual's feelings.

There will be certain challenges in life, issues that require attention on a critical basis. Besides learning this chapter and concepts, I have also gained insight and how this could facilitate me in my professional field as a social service worker; I will have exposure to people with the different identity, cultural background, community and gender and so in order to provide best possible service to the seniors, I first need to know myself. I must be aware of my biases, prejudices and my goals in the life so that I can better understand the people of diverse nature and try to help them free from stereotypes. At last, as the social service worker, I should be prepared with the weapon called "self" because I will be using it as the therapeutic tool.

To conclude, I want to say that self-reflection and unconscious bias is inter-related to each other; however, one must be conscious of own actions and interpretation. I have learned many and left with many to uncover. Learning is the process continues throughout life.

Updated: Feb 20, 2024
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