The Report On My China Trip

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It is a great pleasure that I have the opportunity to submit the report on china trip, I was very satisfied by the knowledge and experience that I got.

In the first day we arrived at Shanghai airport, it was cloudy outside we took the bus to Shanghai city, shanghai has a lot of sky scrapers and it’s so developed, we checked in Renaissance hotel it’s a luxury 5 star hotel, then we ate our dinner at Taher Haveliwala halal restaurant, it’s so delicious restaurant that served Chinese food, I liked the food a lot.

In the second day we went to ECNU (East China Normal University), it took us approximately 10 min to arrive in the university, it has a lot of nice views especially the Liwa river, This public research university was founded in October 1951, and it’s famous in teaching language and culture, it has corporation with Fudan University and Tongji has two campuses in Minhang and Putuo Districts, covering a total area of more than 31 square kilometers, this university is also called the garden university from its nice sightseeing, I am putting this university in the list of universities that I am willing to apply for it in the future ,then we experienced using shanghai subway to NYU university , for me it’s my first time to experience a public transportation from this kind, its convenient way of transportation and fast.

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New York University has perfect location in the middle of shanghai, the NYU University is a private research university based in New York City.

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Founded in 1831, NYU is considered one of the world's most influential research universities, 49% of its students are international 51% are Chinese, but this university doesn’t offer mandarin programs only as a language, then we went to shanghai science and technology museum, it is one of the best museums in shanghai it has two wings one is about ancient animals where it includes figured animals like (mammoth, tiger , giraffes and etc...) the other wing concentrates more on technology, it has giant screens that plays videos about the global warming and explains the global environmental issues ,then we ate our dinner at Vanca`s Ribs & BBQ, This restaurant was our first restaurant to eat in it European food , they offered us a variety of delicious food which was so good.

In the third day we went to ECNU and studied our first Chinese language course, In this course we reviewed the basics to make sure that we can go ahead in studying the language, Then we headed to shanghai museum, this is a museum that shows the Chinese history and its development by time, Then we went to Xintiandi car free street, It looks more like French streets because it was a French concession, It looks amazing you can see nice views all over the place, But if you look up you will see the breath taking shanghai skyscrapers, Then we ate our dinner at Va Bene Italian restaurant, the food was for individuals which is good if you don’t want to share it with others .

In the fourth day we took our Chinese language course, But this time we started taking it as an intermediate students which we were able to say a couple of new sentences in mandarin, Then we went to Fudan university, In my point of view this is one of the best universities for now, It is ranked as a c9 league university, And class A double first class university it’s so selective, But even though I will apply for it in the future, Then to Nanjing east road commercial street, This street is the main shopping street of Shanghai, And it is one of the world's busiest shopping streets, It’s so huge it has all kinds of brands then we went to the boat bund in shanghai river, Honestly in my point of view this is one of the best three experiences in this trip, it’s absolutely wonderful we saw all of shanghai towers at night, And we took a lot of pictures, and bought a lot of souvenirs from there.

In the fifth day, we took our Chinese language course as usual, but we learned more words and phrases, Then we went to Yu garden this garden has a long history, what amazed me the most about it, is when our tour guide told us that the rocks in this garden came from far away, And they used to put sticky rice between the rocks to maintain stabilization the Yu garden has a lot of waterways, And beautiful sightseeing we got to know a lot of the history in that cultural place, While you are walking you feel that your walking back in history, Then we headed to the shops near the garden it had lot of products that reflects the Chinese culture, And a lot of new technology products.

In the sixth day We took our Chinese language course which started concentrating in writing a little bit more than usual, then we went to shanghai folk custom experience center in this we made a Chinese masks and cut seals to make a unique stamp for each of us then we went to the place mall this mall has a nice outer view , this mall is kind of different because they have another way of organizing the shops ,Then we ate dinner at Brothers Kebab they have delicious Shawarma it was reminding me of the Arabic food.

In the seventh day, we took our Chinese language course, but they changed our teacher then we went to urban planning museum, it’s a six-story building displaying Shanghai urban planning. Then we went to Jiuguang shopping mall this mall has a nice location where it is surrounded by a lot of buildings and green landscape, we had a nice time there, Then we ate our dinner at yunhaiyao Yunnan style restaurant, Then we went to Yun Feng the circus acrobatic show it was an hour and a half show which had a group of talented people who did a lot of amazing tricks.

In the eight day, we took our Chinese language course, Then we went to Tianzifang, this place has a lot of shops that are close to each other, and also has a wonderful alley ways, Then we went to the pearl tower, which is also called the TV tower, this is also one of the best three places that we went to in the trip, it’s amazing, we walked on a glass that you can see through it the city from a different perspective, and also we ate dinner in the buffet which spin for an, Hour and allow you to have a 360 view of the city, we were able to see everything in Shanghai, From skyscraper to the river and all cars, we enjoyed our time there and took a lot of time lapse videos there .

In the ninth day we took our last Chinese language class, we wrote Chinese characters on painting papers. Then we went to Jiao Tong University it is an open research in Shanghai. Built up in 1896 as Nan- yang Public School, It is one of the top 62 best universities, I liked its programs they have a lots of choices and they concentrate more on my major, they have a lot of international students, This university is one of the universities that are on my list. Then we went to the mosaic and ate dinner there.

In the tenth day we went to Disneyland, This is the best part of the trip we played a lot of games there it was a little bit crowded in there, But we installed the Disneyland app, It was helpful a lot because it gave us access to most of the games without waiting in lines. Then we at our dinner at kebabs on the grille Indian restaurant, what I liked the most in the food Is the rice because it reminded me of the UAE food.

In the eleventh day we checked out of the hotel, it didn’t took us long time, Then we took the bullet train to Hangzhou. Then we went to Alibaba we got to know more about this company and its history then we ate our dinner at beef hotpot.

In the twelfth day we went to Zhejiang University, It was one of the oldest universities in Hangzhou it was founded in 1897, what attracted me more is the natural sites there, and It’s a huge university with a lots of students and also I want to say that they also have many options among their good programs. Their dorms are wide and clean. In my opinion this university is providing all the needs for their students. Then we ate our lunch ate Wulinfang, then visited Westlake three pools mirroring the moon this lake had a lot of nice sightseeing, It is a freshwater lake in Hangzhou, It is separated into five segments. There are various gardens, and simulated islands inside the lake. There are also exciting things like distant hills, canals, bridges, temples away and lot of spots and activities to do. I was walking to observe this nice place I was so happy and excited I really enjoyed it, then we ate our dinner at creativity Hangzhou cuisine then boat ride to visit the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, The boat rid was so charming and pleasing.

In the thirteenth day we visited Linyin temple china national tea museum, It is so creative in advertising the tea and its history in an developed way it was interesting museum, I was impressed about the great history of the tea, After knowing this great history I was persuaded to buy tea bags from their shops, their tea was healthy and a way like medicine and this is what makes me satisfied more. Then we went to the song dynasty town the theme park is divided into three fields, Performing Songcheng, High-tech Songcheng, and Cultural Songcheng. Performing Songcheng includes theme shows. High-tech Songcheng has many featured events, such as two distinguishing haunted houses, and a mysterious street. Using advanced technology, they are all very realistic and mysterious; giving visitors a totally different experience the other part which is Cultural Songcheng covers some folk activities, such as custom shows. Then we ate dinner at Guangdong cuisine.

In the fourteenth day we went to the silk market tour, actually I was not really interested in the silk but when I started entering the shops and inquiring about the silk I knew lot about the different kinds of silk and how to differ between the real and fake silk, and then we ate lunch at Hangzhou cuisine. Then visited Qinghefang special history cultural street district this pedestrian street is the most famous street in Hangzhou City. With brilliant culture and long history, it is regarded as a symbol of ancient Hangzhou. It is busy but interesting street, and we bought a lot of stuff there then we ate dinner at northwest cuisine.

In the fifteenth day we checked out of the hotel. Then we headed directly to the airport we took our seats in the airplane it was small, but offers everything that the passenger needs, and I was recording a time-lapse video of the whole tripe. We reached to Guangzhou airport then we went to Chen clan ancestral hall it is a great old museum and it makes me feel that I had traveled to the past you can see an amazing Chinese architecture when you see each part of the structure it is showing how the royal used to live. The buildings were incredibly nice and I was amazed by everything there then we checked in hotel Sheraton Guangzhou.

In the sixteenth day, we went to south china normal university, it was founded in 1933 and it is in the 211 project it has one of the most beautiful campuses but I was not that interested in it as the other universities, In shanghai like Fudan and Jiao tong also it doesn’t have any requirements except for high school report card, what impressed me most about it is the campus is the language students who were able to speak fluently in many different languages. Then we went to Beijing pedestrian road street, I enjoyed my time there a lot I managed to discover this big street in a small period of time but the time ran out before I could return to the shops that I was willing to buy things from, even thought I had a nice experience there. Also we saw the street lights at night it looks wonderful.

In the seventeenth day, Before checking out of the hotel we measured the weight of our bags, so we cloud make sure that our bags are under the maximum weight allowed in the airport, for me it was not a problem but we tried to divide the heavy luggage on some of the students, so all of them can still maintain to be under the maximum weight, and we succeed further more we checked out of the hotel then we went to Guangdong university it’s a public university established in 1965 with 35000 students and ranked as one of the top 100 universities in china, It has 3 campuses covering up to 1.53 square kilometers and its strong at teaching language, But it’s not so specific in teaching my major. Then we had free time in tee mall, since we had a lot of free time in the mall we decided to see a movie in the cinema, for about an hour and half. I was not thinking of buying anything from the mall because I already bought lot of stuff along the trip so I tried something else, I checked out the virtual reality station it’s simply a place where you play games wearing a VR headset it is a cutting edge technology, In the gaming sector I tried a lot of VR games but this game has high resolution and a wireless VR head set, which also means that you can walk in the virtual world without problems in resolution, then we went to Guangdong airport.

I really enjoyed my time in china and I would highly recommend it for other students who are willing to study in china and to seek a new different culture and to see the helpful Chinese people, I wish that I can go there again.

The difference between the 2017 and 2018 China trip

There is a big difference between the 2017 and 2018 china trip both of the trips were perfect and had no problems but the 2018 trip is better because we already had learned mandarin and we were able to use it in the trip and the time table was perfect and suitable for all of us and this trip included more places to visit furthermore the tour guides were perfect.


I really recommend that we go to Beijing because it’s the capital of china and has the best universities in china especially Peking university. Also I recommend that the period of the trip extend to 20-24 days and to focus more on shanghai and Guangdong , furthermore the hours of mandarin class should be more because anything you learned in the class you will have the opportunity to use it in the trip.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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